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The Grizzled

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Through what tragedies can Friendship endure? The Grizzled is a fast paced, fully cooperative card game that takes place in the trenches of World War I. Already a best seller in Europe, The Grizzled is an elegant game of avoiding threats and leading a team, and is regarded as one of the finest cooperative games ever made.

Featuring beautiful art by French artist Tignous, who was tragically killed in the Charlie Hebdo attack, The Grizzled's outstanding art is the perfect complement to its message of peace and enduring friendship.

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  • A game that's hard to play just once. A case of theme making mechanics sensible and palatable, and great fun. Some co-ops are all about solving the mechanical puzzles they present (like Pandemic), while others are about limited interactions or relying on your friends (Hanabi). This has elements of both which make it tense and constantly unpredictable. Even if it is at times unwinnable, I think that only feels right. The short playtime means it doesn't suffer for it, either.This is different from my other highly rated games in that it's both simpler and luckier than I tend to love, but all bets are off in a light, quick co-op game. I think the things that would make this fail as a competitive strategy game contribute to its brilliance as a cooperative one.Tignous's incredible art rounds out the package.The solo mode is a non-starter.
  • Something I don't think I've seen before: a push-your-luck cooperative! Nevertheless, it's a very good game due to the great difficulty in actually winning. Your decisions are based on trying to interpret why your fellow players have played the cards that they've chosen. This difficulty comes (in no small part) from the very restrictive communication rules, which (unfortunately) are very hard to enforce. Hanabi (a considerably better game) has the same "enforceability" problem, but it's not as much of an issue as in this game. Commissioned (better still) solves the problem completely, but only half the time, as player silence depends on a die roll in that game. Regardless, The Grizzled is a lot of fun and generates a lot of laughs, which brings me to a problem I have with the's a lot of laughs. The Grizzled is much ballyhooed as a game which immerses you "in the horrors of World War I", the description I most frequently see. But the mechanics are so abstract that it could easily be re-themed as...anything! The art is good quality cartoonish art; but it left me with the feeling that the game was Asterix and Obelix meet Sgt. Rock. It's still a great game but it treats the theme far too lightly IF a publisher is going to promote it as an attempt to show gamers the horrors of war. I certainly felt not an inch closer to my great-uncle and grandfather who fought and were wounded on the Western Front. Perhaps if you could (like in Dr. Knizia's, Lord of the Rings) deliberately sacrifice your own life for your comrades, and if the art didn't portray a French group of Sgt. Schultz's, then the thematic idea might work better. If you want a better "feel" for the war, I would encourage you to play just about any old-school strategic-level wargame about the Great War. I clearly remember how grim it was after each turn in Guns of August to look at the dozens of counters you lost that turn, and thinking that each counter represented tens of thousands of men! The only thing that comes remotely close to that in The Grizzled is losing: you see the war-memorial card with the names of the player-characters engraved on it, and know that those characters are based on real world poilus.
  • For: Older kids, Adults, GatewayType: Hidden Info, CoopPlays: 2-5, 30 min
  • Really like this. Very simple, but the theme application is great, and love the illustration style. Need to play more with larger groups. Only managed a couple of plays with more than 2 people.
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Thanks for joining! Great to have you :)

Among your favorites I'd say I'm most interested in #The Grizzled. I like the art direction with it too.

Always feel free to make a post or DM me with any feedback!

#Horrified  - might be worth having a look, it is a co-op monster game where you run around trying to save your town from one of several monsters. Has a good amount of replayability as each monster functions quite differently.

Also #The Grizzled is one of my favourite little co-ops. It plays quickly and has a reall interesting theme of you all trying to survive WWI together: it's in no way a combat game, you are just trying to survive various 'missions' by not accumulating too many of any given card. The catch is you can't discuss what you are holding in your hand. I would recommend giving it a look.

I pretty always impulse buy if I find a game in a charity shop, if I don't know the game I will usually google it and if it has an average rating above a 6.5/10 and the theme/mechanics appeal I will usually take it, I always figure that if I get one game out of it, even if it is laughably bad then it is worth the £2-£5 I pay for it.

Winners from Charity shops have been: #King of Tokyo (great gateway game), #Gloom, #War on Terror (hilariously satirical, a better version of risk), #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game (just a wonderful group activity)

Games that I have only played once or twice and then passed on: #Smash Up (liked it but realised it just wouldn't get played much), #Game of Thrones: The Card Game (again, it wasn't bad, but wasn't looking to get into a CCG) #Munchkin (similar story, not good enough to see regular play, knew a friend of mine would enjoy it a lot more)

I have occaisionally been suckered in on a great deal on Ebay, I am now much more discerning but when I first had disposable income, I was picking up any interesting looking games if I felt I was getting a good deal. I buy most of my games second hand, but the following are games I didin't search for and just came across.

Winners: #The Grizzled (so good and bought for like £2, a small co-op which I haven't found many of), #Choson (set collection with a bunch of take that, quick but wonderfully tactical, aslo bought it for £1.20 so can't complain), #Supervillain: This Galaxy Is Mine! (stayed on my shelf of shame for a long time, one I will write about this week)

Losers: #The Staufer Dynasty (I really need to give this another chance, but it was just a little dry first time around)

I think I go through phases of a particular theme/mechanic really appealing. However, Asymmetry is a massive pull for me, and any kind of deck/engine building being incorporated, or just generally upgrading your faciont/character, this doesn't have to be the core mechanic, but I like to growth in a game.

Ha, interesting concept:

R - #Raiders of the North Sea (I secretly prefer #Architects of the West Kingdom but I don't have an A in my name) I really enjoy this take on worker placement, as it means you can usually do one of the things you want to do, but rarely both so you have to keep your plan flexible. 

N - #Nemesis (Adding in my middle initial so I can talk about this game) Love the theming and narrative that this game has always created when I've played it. I sadly don't own it as I don't have all the money but am always delighted when it hits the table at my club.

T - #The Grizzled (I actually struggled with 'T' surprisingly) I do really like this game though, it is full of tricky decisions and 'the unknown'. The themeing is wonderfully refreshing and well implemented.

The trends I see in games I like:

  • Theme intergrated with mechanics: Nemesis and The Grizzled I think both do this really well.
  • Games where negotiation and conversation are baked in and vital for the game (nemesis does this, but my favourites are things like #Archipelago and #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game or #No Honor Among Thieves)
  • A puzzle to crack, whether that be efficiency or engine building. While this often doesn't go hand in hand with my other preferences, there is a definite part of my brain that loves to test itself in this way.
  • Games that produce stories, all the better if the game itself doesn't force a story on you but enables the actions of the players to create one.


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