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Dominion: Second Edition Reviews

Dominion: Second Edition has 252 reviews with an average rating of 3.52 / 5.

Rating Summary (252 Total)


Wish it were less euro


No Review Description


No Review Description


What's not to love about this game? Its competitive, full of meaningful decisions that you have to make, fun and clever.I have played Ascension before this and my faith in deckbuilding games weren't too strong. Dominion restored that faith The ability to play a little different every time with different Kingdon card piles is amazing. I'm definitely buffing up my game with more expansions.


The standard in Deck building. The granddad of all deck builders. A classic.


Innovation is great, but the theme here is bland and I don't enjoy playing it anymore.


I didn't know if I would like Dominion, but I had to try it. This is an awesome game! The combination of varied gameplay and short playing time is fantastic. The game is both strategic and tactical and plays different each time. Fabulous design. INCLUDED: Dominion: Intrigue Dominion: Seaside Dominion: Prosperity Dominion: Alchemy


When I first discovered Dominion, my group and I played many times a week for over a year and a half (albeit with several of the expansions) before we finally tired of the game. And after a few-month break, it has again become our go-to option to start any game night. I don't like games of chance; I want to win by out-strategizing my opponents. Dominion shines as a game about _mitigating_ chance. Yes, you still have to rely on the luck of the draw for any given hand, but it's up to you to build a deck with increasingly favorable drawing odds.


I have over 200 plays of base games dominion, mostly two person. It remain unexciting, but it also continues to offer a very a very tight clean deck builder that offers a intriguing puzzle every time.


2-4 Players 30 Minutes


Traded away after starting to get that "Meh" feeling from too many games which felt exactly the same thing repeated ad infinitum.


Could probably be better with expansions but why bother. It's like the grandfather of games. Yeah, you know it's wise but everything it knows is so old and boring. 7/16/18: Nick owns and does in fact have expansions now. As expected, they do elevate this game quite a bit. How to rate this game, though? I'll bump it up to a 7, from 5, but the expansions really are needed to make this game shine. Intrigue and Prosperity, in particular, are great.


I love card drafting games like Star Realms and Ascension and I finally got to play THE OG of Card drafting games! The fact that there are different cards for different styles is so cool (Sleight of hand FTW).


Very dry and thinky deck builder. If I want dry and thinky I play Magic, if I want a deck builder I play just about any other one than Dominion.


7.7 / 2-4p Best 3 / 30m / Overall 47 / Strategy 46 / 2.38 (Engine Building)


I respect the hell out of it, but I don't really enjoy playing it. It's too dry, and/or too deterministic, and/or too solitaire. Some combination of the three. I'd just rather play something else.


Deck building


Credit to Domminion for spawning deck-building variations like Clank! and Aeon's End, but it's not exceptionally immersive or satisfying.


Most of my friends and even my family love to play this game. The only drawback for me is the limited player interactions. While you have to watch your opponents moves it is not that critical and in some cases seems like a solitaire race for the provinces (not the case with every set of cards). But that could be also one of the plus points for this game, because it just flows. Its quick and easy has a TON of variety with thousands of strategies. Love it.


Most of my friends and even my family love to play this game. The only drawback for me is the limited player interactions. While you have to watch your opponents moves it is not that critical and in some cases seems like a solitaire race for the provinces (not the case with every set of cards). But that could be also one of the plus points for this game, because it just flows. Its quick and easy has a TON of variety with thousands of strategies. Love it.




Good entry level deck builder game. Replaced by Star Realms for me.


by Wis

Rating 7 with Intrigue & Seaside



Notable in that it is the first deck builder. I found it very unforgiving for new players who don't grab key cards before they run out. Theme is nonexistent and gameplay is not really funner than other deck builders. It is also a game that I cannot get my head around. I did worse in my best play of Dominion than I did in my worst play of any other deck builder. For whatever reason, I am doomed to end up in far last no matter what I do. I know that the game is about finding a core combo and riding it for buckets of points, but I just cannot do it. When I tried to build an all around solid deck that has a nice point engine and support cards around it, my engine never came together, my support cards all clumped up and never fired, and I get beaten by an opponent who, more or less, focused on a single card. When I tried to focus on a single card, my deck ended up an unbalanced mess. I know that this game is about building a perfect engine and I have seen other players do it, but for whatever reason, I have a mental block around it and don't even understand what I don't understand. The only reason that I would ever play this game again is out of shear stubbornness about the fact that I cannot be this bad at a pure deck builder.


Very good condition, has been well taken care of


One of my favorite games. So far no deck-building game comes close to Dominion and I doubt one will.


Really fun deck builder—our favourite part is creating long chain moves! There’s lots of variety. Cards aren’t the best quality but the artwork is pretty good.


Only a 9 because D:Intrigue is a 10! Mine is part of the big box


This game is always so much fun with two players. Four players makes the game waaaayy too slow.


2-4 (2-6 mit Intrige), 30m


Great game, great replay value. The constant shuffling and sorting gets a little annoying, but not enough to worry over.


Dominion is just a genius game. No dice, no board. Just you, your cards and your wits. The exponential variety to this game is my favorite aspect of it. The original Dominion has simple cards, but they are still strong and I often mix in the original Kingdoms with other sets. An easy Ten from me. Even after playing for a few years.


All of the criticisms of this game are true: -It's a themeless race -The correct path to victory is decided once the Kingdom cards come out -Cardplay is rote once you know what you're doing -It's largely MPS except for the annoying Take That cards -It's less of a game than a mechanism And yet Dominion triggers the parts of my brain that I just can't shut off. I love card games, and Dominion has combinatorial aspects that reward study and experience. It's also a game just about everyone already knows, and those that don't can learn it in about three minutes. I do find the endless parade of expansions to be an annoying cash grab. While I feel like having two or three really rounds out the experience toward a lifetime of gaming, I don't think they're worth buying at $45 a pop.


Deck building and combining card effects much like CCGs, without all the time and money. Not extremely thematic, but it has all the fun of coming up with a deck concept and trying it out (the thing that drew me to Magic) without the same expense and competitive environment. I'm beginning to think that most of the expansions aren't necessary. After several years, we only play with the base game, Prosperity, and Seaside. Plays include all owned expansions at the time of the play.


by klz

Trying to ignore the hype, I tried to give it a shot on its own merits, and found a game that truly distills a CCG experience down to a 30-40 minute game, from buying to deck building to playing against the other players, it's quite impressive and addictive. My only worry is that the cards used for every game (Treasure and Victory) will get marked soon due to the incredible amounts of shuffling.


No Review Description


I'm giving this a tentative 7 rating. So far my plays have been enjoyable. It plays very quickly in that the turns are self evident. Mostly solitaire play and interaction can be low. It likely depends on the cards that are out for play. It's not a game that I want to buy but I will for sure play it. 2009-01-18 - Hmm... I really like this game. Rating 7->8; very likely to buy. 2009-02-10 - Bought *sigh* ... but I like it 2013-08-28 - Sold (selling Dominion collection)


[Pending to sleeve]


Played 2-player 6 different times with 6 different card sets. Felt very similar every time, big money seemed better than engine building every time. Very light. Card buying options were slim due to wanting to maximize money spent and only one purchase allowed. Limiting purchases seems to restrict strategy only for the purpose of slowing down the game and possibly limiting engine combos, unfortunately it is a large mechanic in the game. However I don't even mind the restriction that much. The main flaw I found was that it was boring.


My feelings on Dominion ebb-and-flow much more than with other titles. I love the puzzle of 'solving the market'. Which cards interact best with the other cards? Which cards will my opponents target, and how can I counter them? Is this game going to play quickly or slowly, and how can I tailor my strategy around that? This puzzle solving keeps me in love with Dominion. However, once the game actually starts, it feel like it drags on. I run through the motions and hope the Provinces dry up quickly, so I can try to solve the market again. But the constant expansions keep drawing me back in, and my first games playing Seaside were some of my favorite ever.


"The Deckbuilder" plays quick and is easy to understand. Getting to combo a lot of cards together feels rewarding. When you have a few players together who know the game you can play multiple games in a row within the hour.


It was very easy to learn and became fast paced mid game. The point system was well balanced. The game also offers a variety of game scenarios.


I just don't find the same joy in this game that other people do. I find the artwork depressing at best and I find the gameplay to be slow and unexciting compared to every other deckbuilder on the market.


(10/16) 5. A tough game for a newbie to get into nowadays given those who know the game (justifiably) want to play this quick to take advantage of how streamlined it is. However, the ship seems to have sailed for me. Respect its place in the hobby, but I don't know if I'll play it very often again. (10/17) 5.


This is the game I continually bring to teach newer gamers and know that I can enjoy with experienced gamers at the table too. It’s so quick to teach and full of fun!