Taj Mahal board game
Taj Mahal board game

Taj Mahal

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Master the dance of intrigue and compete for the favor of the Grand Mogul.

Only the best leaders can carry India into a new age. While the Grand Mogul tours the twelve provinces of India, you must prove that you are worthy of the responsibility. Master the dance of intrigue to win the approval of the Grand Mogul, the loyalty of his advisors, and the wealth of the provinces. Choose your battles wisely, as the Grand Mogul may be more open to your influence in the next province you visit.

While visiting the provinces, you?ll have the chance to influence the court and the Grand Mogul himself. Strategically play your Influence cards or choose to withdraw, letting your competitors exhaust their resources as they fight for control. At the end of a visit to a province, players will compare cards and symbols, seeing who spread their influence the best to each member of the court, swaying them to their side.

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  • Knizia game with a Mogul-era Indian theme. Based on a couple of games, I would have to say I find this one of the best of Reiner's games. Like typical German games, it's quite abstract, but unlike most it's *very* strategic (ie. you're rewarded for long term planning), and also very unforgiving of even minor mistakes... I like Knizia games, I like auction games, I like the theme. What more need I say? :-)
  • On the fence with this one. I know it's a good game, but the infrequency of getting it out due to lack of players is the reason I would consider trading it.
  • --Feb2005-- Played a few times live now, plus a bunch against Stan Hilinski's AI. (Thanks, Stan! Wonderful interface for learning the game.) I'll take this over E&T any day.--Jun2006-- At this point, the closest thing I have to a 10 in its own right. Magic Realm is up there too - but that's at least partially for nostalgia's sake. Taj is a wonderful tightrope-walking bluffing experience, and (for me, at least) a completely delightful experience.--Aug2013-- Too long without a play: it really is delightful - with the right opponents. My Wednesday Night guys are nearly perfect. It also is pretty flat with the wrong opponents: hence the decrease in rating.
  • Mechanics heavy, but alright. The theme doesn't come through - it's a pure Euro. I didn't dislike it terribly, but it falls too far into the middle of games to be memorable or inviting. I'd play it again if offered.

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