Sushi Go! board game
Sushi Go! board game

Sushi Go!

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In this fast-playing card game, the goal is to grab the best combination of sushi dishes as they whiz by. Score points for making the most maki rolls or for collecting a full set of sashimi. Dip your favorite nigiri in wasabi to triple its value! But be sure to leave room for dessert or else you'll eat into your score! Gather the most points and consider yourself the sushi master!

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  • Served its purpose as a light easy game for kid. Good to take out but some more depth would be preferable
  • Simple card Drafting game with cute illustrations, but really i wish i'd bought Sushi Go Party! to change up the variability a little bit.
  • Nice filler or child's introduction to card drafting
  • --Oct2013-- It's a charming fast drafting game, with a bunch of viable targets. I expect that the feel is quite different at the different player counts - and having only played now with 2, I can't say I know the game well. But I'm still very happy to play.
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Why Phil Walker-Harding Created a Game About Sushi (A Look at Sushi Go!, Imhotep, + More) image
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Haha of course right after I posted this I picked up#Sonora and#Sushi Go! from Amazon. My fiancée approved of at least Sushi Go so that's all that matters. I think..

Amazing to still see #Viticulture: Essential Edition so high in the sales list, considering that it was released 5 years ago, and the original version even longer ago than that. It's not exactly a cheap game in the vein of #Sushi Go!, and much more of a hobby game!

Excited to see some older games like #Splendor, #Sushi Go! and #Hanabi still on the "bought" list despite being pretty light and several years old. I've seen them be picked up by non-hobbyist friends and I think those games are well on their way to being considered as classic and mass-market as #Monopoly and #Catan.

I love lists!  I'm sure no one will be suprised if to see one game feature heavily on my list...

Allow me to submit this as a more readable template before I come up with answers of my own:

  • The best overall design: #Root
  • Your best memories: #Root
  • Best cover art: #Scythe
  • The best euro: I'm not sure that I even own a Euro
  • The best quick game (30m or less): #King of Tokyo
  • The most fun you can have with your clothes on: Ummm what?
  • The first game you loved: #A Few Acres of Snow
  • The best game you can can fit in your pocket: #Sushi Go!
  • The most immersive experience: #Root (the asymmetry just makes you need to drive in so much and really know what others are trying to plan)
  • Your most played game: #Root
  • Your favourite components: It's close between #Root and #Clans of Caledonia, but Root edges out because of the unique/screen printed meeples, and the card quality
  • The 'to put it politely, I can't fathom how anyone can enjoy this' award: #Catan and I really don't have any interest in roll and write games

Yes. Prior to Covid 19, my wife's family does a yankee swap. I usually throw in a small card game. I wasn't sure of how well that would go over initially, but the games are often coveted. #Sushi Go!, #Parade, #Port Royal, #Archaeology The Card Game, and #Cockroach Poker have all been successes. 

#Sushi Go! or #Sushi Go Party! are always fun. I also enjoy #Jaipur for two players. I also recently bought #No Thanks! and #Point Salad but I haven't had the chance to get them to the table yet. They both look really good and spoke well of in reviews.

1. Prices are what I paid for them. I usually buy things on sale, discounted or even used. I also mostly play games with my wife, someone who likes light to mid-weight games, and my daughter, who is almost six.

#Carcassonne - $25

#Sushi Go! - $7

#Ticket To Ride - $35

#Barenpark - $30

#Stone Age - $35

#Draftosaurus - $22

#Superfight - $20

#Welcome to... - $22

Deck of cards with the remaining $4

2. #Shadows Over Camelot - I've always wanted to play the game.