ELO Darkness board game

ELO Darkness stems from the desire to create something new, coming at customizable card games from a completely different perspective.

The game aims to combine the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) strategy videogame genre with unique and solid card driven mechanics.

What if you could enter an epic arena with your deck of Heroes, drafting your team and choosing among a huge variety of characters with thousands of deck building possibilities? What if every match you play was tense, involving interesting and meaningful decisions, rich of complex combos to be explored play after play?

ELO Darkness is the answer to those questions.

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  • Very vague rules, I have many rules questions like can I place an exhausted hero during deployment phase, what does the +1xp/+2xp on the turn order track mean, when buying items, the rulebook states that you can buy a second tier item by paying the item costs of both items, the golden chest costs one, and has a level up cost of 3, but the legendary treasure costs 0, so I can either buy the chest for 1 or buy the treasure for 1, why is this possible?? Overall it's a pretty simple game with complicated mechanisms. Limiting items to the point where you can have 3 tier 2 items by the third turn, having the draws from the deck determine which heroes get to participate, and lack of comeback mechanism in a game that has snowballing are all large flaws in this game.
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