Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game board game
Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game board game

Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game

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Own the first ever Alien Deck Building Game! Use Legendary moves from battling Super Villains to battling chest-bursting, face-hugging, acid-for-blood-having Aliens. This game features some of Alien's greatest protagonists, including Ripley, Dallas, Bishop and Private Hicks, as they go to battle against some of the most terrifying creatures in the universe. Players must work with each other to defeat the terrifying Xenomorps!

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  • this game is quite difficult and i never know if i'm playing it right or if i'm playing it optimally.The habit of this game is to keep things synchronized with the movies, have all the characters from one movie included with the corresponding scenario. you don't have to do this, but it feels right even though i don't know that it's best played this way.Thematically it feels good but mechanically it can be frustrating.
  • SoloPlays: 1-5, 45 min
  • Co-op / SoloFOFA CandidatSleeve.
  • Pros:+ Interesting mechanics+ Quite thematic+ ChallengingCons:- Abysmal artwork- Lacks mechanics to frequently cull your deck- Uninteresting Card Effects- Incredibly Fiddly- The deck building progression is set at a snail's pace- The deck building does't Interact well with the mechanics- The deck building doesn't often allow for succefull team strategy or co-ordination

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1.#Inis looks like an interesting game that I would love to play if I won it 😃

2. For the sweet $200 I would get#Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game and#Concordia and#Anachrony (I might hold on to some money and try and get my hands on #The 7th Citadel)

3. If i won a RPG-kind of game or a dungeon crawler i would trade it or give it someone else to cherish 😃

One of my favorit Mechanics.  I will acknowledge right away that I am not a fan of #Dominion: Second Edition.  I've played twice and it's kinda of just blah for me.  I prefer my deck builders to have a board and something else going on rather than a "pure" deckbulder.  Maybe had I started with Dominion instead of #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure my opinion might be different.

My favorite deckbuilders

  1. The entire Clank Family.  I've listed previously that I own #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure and two of its expansions.  I've played #Clank! In! Space! and that's a really great game as well.  One of my gaming groups had just started #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated before Covid and we haven't gotten back to that yet.  Maybe in November. 
  2. The Legendary family: I own #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game but have heard really great things about #Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game as it really depends on what theme you like more.  I did pick the #Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding Game: World War Hulk Expansion and enjoy playing with that as well, how can you not like playing with  more Hulks!!
  3. #The Quest for El Dorado is a really nice small deckbulider/race game.  My plays of that have been really fun and the feeling of looking at the board and figuring out what your deck needs to get through to the end is an enjoyable challange.
  4. #Aeon's End is really really good and currently on my wish list, though I'd probably put #Aeon's End: Legacy higher on the list. 
  5. #Thunderstone Quest is an different type of dungeon crawl than Clank! but still enjoyable.  So many expansions available with this one.  This and Aeon's End are very similar to Dominion so if are looking to branch out these are good options.
  6. #The Taverns of Tiefenthal is another fun deck builder that I've enjoyed my plays of
  7. The Centry Spice Road family.  Not my favorite game from the ones listed here but is a very enjoyable deck builder especially when you can get a nice little engine going. 
  8. #Great Western Trail has a minor deck building aspect that greatly influences how successful each of your trips to Kansas City is.  The number of times i've cursed when drawing new cows into my hand
  9. #Orléans is a bag builder vs a deck builder but gives you so many of the same feelings and angst that its worth including here.  Really enjoy.
  10. #Star Realms / #Hero Realms - only played on the app but its easy and each game gives you interesting choices on how to build your deck

Wish list includes:

  1. Aeon's End,
  2. Great Western Trail
  3. Orlean's

If looking for an exhaustive list of deck bulders here is a good link: list-deck-building-games

That's a good question, I think the only coop games I know where you can die without ending the game are #Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game where you get to become an alien and #Eldritch Horror where you just get a new character (but lose all your upgrades and equipment).

How do you feel about games where a player can effectively be eliminated by falling so far behind or have there options be limited to the point where they aren't making any real decisions?

My issue with most deckbuilders is that they feel like multiplayer solitaire, even when you're attacking a player it feels mechanical and uninteresting. My two favorite ones break this mold.

#Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game is a fully cooperative game that can turn into a very non-cooperative game for an unlucky player but whatever you do, the game promotes looking at what other players are doing and communicating with them constantly.

#Dynamite Nurse is a competitive goodness that has players being very mean to each other. In the crazy world of anime nurses helping moe adventurers, you'd expect the game not to be very cutthroat if you just looked at the illustrations. But who gets admitted where is decided by players at the end of their turns so if someone is in the lead, everyone else will throw the most difficult cases at them. Just when you've barely stabilized an adventurer, 2 more appear at your doorstep and each of them is 1 turn away from dying. Great little gem that's less serious but more fun as a result. 

I really enjoy deck-building games, they tend to have a great arc. I think to be enjoyable you have to have the cards integrate and allow for satisfying combos allowing the player to take pride in their creation.

Games I have enjoyed: 

#Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game, one of the first deck builders I think I played, relatively simple mechanics, and co-op which allowed for a lot of planning and co-ordination between player's decks. Enjoy the franchise in general and the missions had great theming based on each movie. A good introduction to deck builders in my opinion.

#Valley of the Kings a relatively small deck-builder but has a wonderful mechanic of also being a deck destruction game. You are constantly (and fairly easily) acquiring new and ever more powerful cards but you only score points for the cards you have managed to 'entomb' (ancient Egypt theme) which removes them permanently from your deck and will cost you on that turn as well. So the whole game is a very fine balancing act of buying new cards but also wanted to time when you entomb them (as entombing is limited to one card a turn normally, but you can get cards that allow you to do extras) as the end of the game can really sneak up on you.

#Cry Havoc is kind of a mini-deck builder driving an area control game - integrates the two mechanics seamlessly. You only get 15 actions the whole game, and adding a card to your deck is a whole action normally so cost-benefit is a huge part but they allow for some really enjoyable plays. Overall a seriously fun game.

I think in my experience a great deck builder tends to be one that is relatively generous (as in all the cards do enjoyable and positive things so you are never stuck unable to do anything) but makes decisions interesting by saying 'you can do any one thing you like but not all the things you want to so you're going to have to chose' 

Also, I love it when each player's deck feels very different by the mid-game and certainly by the end. I often feel like in #Dominion that there isn't enough variety within a given game. (obviously a lot of variety over different games)

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