Raiders of the North Sea board game
Raiders of the North Sea board game

Raiders of the North Sea

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Do you have what it takes to be a Viking? There's only one way to find out in ... Raiders of the North Sea. Your rewards await you as you assemble a crew, grab a ship and set out to claim victory in this fun game for 2-4 players!

Your choices lie before you - work or raid? The key to any Vikings' successful attack on a harbor or fortress, is making sure you have enough provisions and crew. Place workers throughout the town to collect supplies and build your crew. And of course, what's more fun than raiding, pillaging and stealing plunder? Throughout the game, you'll be immersed in the Viking age with beautiful artwork and amazing quality components. Win the game through military strength, plunder and Valkyrie (victory points).

Will the Chieftain be impressed with your conquest? Grab your war ax and put on your helmet, the North Sea awaits!

Raiders of the North Sea uses hand management, set collection and worker placement mechanics in this great Garphill Games, 2-4 player game.

Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: 12+
Playtime in minutes: 60-80


  • 1 Illustrated Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 122 Wooden Tokens
  • 16 Offering Tiles
  • 32 Silver Coins
  • 32 Provisions
  • 75 Cards
  • 1 Cotton Bag
  • 2 Dice

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  • One of the best-in-class worker placement games. Easy to pick up and learn, lots of replayability. Eager to get the expansions!
  • First, the negatives:-a pasted-on theme; but they used a very, very high-quality glue! And the metal coins are remarkably true to the Viking Age!-the card art is extremely cartoonish, almost to the point of being annoying; but the rest of the art is very well done!-the end-game is somewhat dull, but not overly; and the end-game doesn't last very longApart from that, this is a surprisingly great game! A very good (and I think unique?) worker-placement mechanic, where one places a worker (i.e., slave) and then removes a worker, and this is where the game's player-interaction occurs. Engine-building made simple: just add vikings to your crew, and their special abilities kick in whenever you raid...and sometimes even when you're not raiding. Just a hint of randomness with the card drawing.
  • 3/25/2020 | 3 plays | 9/10 | I've enjoyed it more with each play. The variability added by the townsfolk is awesome. The randomization of the loot means that certain settlements get more attention than others based on the game, giving each game a unique feel. I love the mechanism of placing and pulling a worker and the timing that introduces. Love the theme. Love the artwork. Great game!
  • Nice take on WP - put a guy down, get a guy. Love that. Not loving the dice rolls on raids - but I can live with it. Great game in the WP genre.
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You know, I've never seen the Emperor's New Groove.  But I do like the idea of some South American/Llama themed game.  I remember looking at #Altiplano before I ended up picking #Raiders of the North Sea.

Good fun this week!

#Raiders of the North Sea with the expansion #Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame - tried with 5 people and have to say it's not ideal. Too many people...

#Root hit the table with Vagabond taking the win! Need to work on my Woodland Alliance strategy

#Tiny Epic Galaxies is a recent buy and very happy with it. Great little game.

The highlight goes to #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 which we started the campaign with the same 4 people that did #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. Played only January so far, but EXCELLENT! Amazing fun.

That is good to hear! I might need to look into it. I really enjoyed #Raiders of the North Sea but have not been drawn to anything from them since.

I could see this being a cool retheme for #Raiders of the North Sea!!

Ah, I have the first two, you'll love them!  I feel like Champions is more thematic than #Raiders of the North Sea or #Lords of Waterdeep in terms of worker placement games - you actually have to fight the monsters, but there's an element of risk that you won't.  Try to get the two expansions for Champions as well, they add a lot.

1. #Root (it's always Root, man I love that game

2. #Clans of Caledonia (this has been all solo lately but still such a fun time)

3. #Scythe (hoping to add #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris soon)

4. #King of Tokyo (this has been so fun with the family)

5. #Raiders of the North Sea (it's actually been a while because Root has been at the forefrunt, but I'm still enjoying it and I'm excited to teach it to some new members of my gaming group).

I'm hoping that the next time I do this I'll have added some new games that I haven't played yet (heres looking at you #Dune and #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)).

Quick and simple #Jaipur

Nice game of #Paladins of the West Kingdom still working on how to improve my score

#The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire has been a recent addition, but I seem to always go for the same strategy... need to research other options.

Just picked up #Raiders of the North Sea with #Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame - first test was this week!



I could see that. Kyle Ferrin has a signature style that really works for me, but it's bound to be more divisive than an artist who only produces good looking art that doesn't make much of a statement. I'd say that The Mico (#Architects of the West Kingdom, #Raiders of the North Sea, etc) also falls in that category where he is generally very well loved because of his unique style, but I'm sure there are people out there who really don't like his approach.