The Bridge to Treasure Cave board game
The Bridge to Treasure Cave board game


The Bridge to Treasure Cave', first released as Die Brücke am Rio D'Oro, is old and brittle – no, not the game itself, but the bridge that spans the river, the bridge that connects explorers to the treasure cave on the other side of the gorge.

But who will be first to cross this dangerous path? Players must exercise the highest level of caution because a rotten plank of wood in the bridge might break at any time, causing the player – or worse, some of the precious treasure – to plunge into the gorge. What's more, the other treasure hunters will be only too glad to pilfer your finds should you give them the chance.

The goal in The Bridge to Treasure Cave is to cross the bridge (a 3D structure inside the box), grab the treasure and cross the bridge again to return the treasure to your camp. On your turn, you roll a number of dice to determine how far you move. Each die face shows how far you must move and possibly some event:

  • Danger, which adds another die roll which may cause the bridge to (partly) collapse at your location, or may cause you to lose a treasure;
  • Repair, which allows you to repair a damaged part of the bridge;
  • Pilfer, which allows you to steal a treasure from another player, if you land on his location.

There are three dice: a green die, which in general permits only slow, but safe movement, a yellow die, which gives a good chance to pilfer treasure, and a red die, which allows for fast, but risky movement. The number of treasures you are carrying determines how many dice you may roll: the more treasures you carry, the fewer dice you roll. After rolling, you select one die to execute.

If you reach the treasure cave, you can immediately claim up to three treasures. If you reach your camp, you may unload your treasures and prepare for the next crossing. If you end your move at a gap in the bridge, or if the bridge collapses under you, any treasures you are carrying are lost in the river, and you return to your base camp.

At the beginning of the game, the cave holds 25 treasures. The first player to carry a certain number of treasures (depending on the number of players) back to his camp wins. Alternatively, if no player has acquired that number of treasures before all treasures have been claimed or lost in the river, the player who has collected the most treasures wins.

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