Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition board game
Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition board game

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition

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New lands have opened up and the race is on to create the best network of rail and road lines through it. In Railroad Ink, players roll the Route dice and must then draw the subsequent results on their individual Route boards. Players score points for having long interconnected Routes, as well as connecting the entry points to their board, plus having Routes through the center of their boards. But beware, they’ll lose points for leaving unfinished lines. In the Deep Blue Edition, the Lake and River dice add in some cool, refreshing waterways to the maps. But in the Blazing Red Edition, Meteors fall from the sky and Volcanoes erupt from underground. It’s a challenge to keep their roads and rails from getting destroyed, and having to repair them when they are. Or, players can combine the two for epic, 12-player games!

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  • I love the spatial aspects of this game. Don't play nearly as much as I'd like, I should solo it more. I enjoy playing with the rivers more than lakes.
  • I acknowledge that this concept is unique and well done, but man, the spatial aspect of this game is just not for me.
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    Railroad Ink does a simple thing really well. Every game is different, challenging and satisfying, while not overstaying its welcome.
  • A thinly and spatial Rolland Write game. Rivers and lakes add new challenges.
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It's certainly do-able. The end game trigger would be interesting to figure out though. #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale or #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition would be better for 100s because the end of the game isn't dependant on other players.

If it helps at all, I've found #Welcome to... gets the most playtime, but #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition brings me the most joy... if that makes sense?! The former is super quick and more tempting to grab from the shelf but the latter has those custom dice which makes it feel like more of a treat.

Uhhh I have a relatively small collection so that would be pretty hard lol. I was actually thinking about my shelf space last night, wondering where I would place #Too Many Bones if I were to buy it haha

There are couple of spots that will open up though.

So really, I can probably make space for #Too Many Bones! But yes, storage will be an issue for me and I'll likely need to come up with a solution so that I can limit myself to ~40-50 games.

#Welcome to... and its Zombie & Doomsday Expansions

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition And the Green one too I think

I'd love all the #Aeon's End stuff because its hyped but it isn't a priority.

Waiting on the new #Sprawlopolis expansion Interstate and probably going to order #SpaceShipped at the same time.

Again, lots of #Spirit Island solo - I will move the difficulty up as soon as I try all the spirits. I loved the Ocean's Hungry Grasp as it changes the decision space considerably.

Other than that, some
#Wavelength with friends (a superb party game, now that friends' visits are allowed), and one 2p game of #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition

I didn't have much time for games this week, but it should be better now!

I play solo games, but I approach them differently than multiplayer ones. I value social experiences when playing with other and we often spend as much time talking as making the moves. I like my solo games to be nice puzzles that help me wind down after a day of working in front of a computer - the closest comparison would be a sudoku puzzle, but more complex and involved, while less predictable.

My favourite solo games are #Spirit Island, #Wingspan, #The Isle of Cats and #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. When I want something really demanding, I play #Brass: Birmingham with a fan made mAutoma - great fun, but I always end up tired afterwards, although in a good way.

I want solo games to be quite easy to manage. If I am spending more time on doing setup and taking care of its systems than making my own decisions, then I am out. That's also why I don't like
#Arkham Horror: The Card Game. There is just way to much preparation, upkeep and management of new locations, enemies and events to truly let me have fun.

I'd say #Marvel Champions: The Card Game and #The Isle of Cats have a good chance of appearing high on the list. I played the former and it was enjoyable, although I am aware that many people like it very much. As for #The Isle of Cats, it's a great game with a very clever solo mode. I'd be suprised if it weren't broadly adopted by the solo community.

Yup. Immediately after playing Welcome to... I regretted getting Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. I like Railroad Ink, but I feel like Welcome To... is just more fun and colorful, has more depth and variety in strategy, and makes me feel more accomplished toward the end. Again, I still think Railroad Ink is a great game, but my wife and I never feel like getting it out.

It's interesting to hear your thoughts on those three games because I got Viticulture: Essential Edition after my wife expressed interest (I was showing her the game after Trent had gotten me into it). I haven't brought it out yet because my wife has only played a few light games and has zero experience with worker placements. I was thinking of getting Raiders of the North Sea as a nice intro first and then play Viticulture once she's comfortable. I also wanted to get Architects of the West Kingdom later on but I'll have to try and not buy on impulse haha

Honestly, the artist in me would also feel very satisfied looking at Raiders and Architects' boxes side by side on a shelf xD

Santorini - played the basic version with my mom. Will be introducing her and my wife to god cards this week!

Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition - played with both my wife and my mom. This was only my 2nd play of the game so I may need a few more to confirm but I feel like Welcome to... is superior (I've had 3 plays of it). Haven't tried playing with the river/lake elements thrown into the mix yet, so maybe that will make it more interesting?

I'm planning on taking out Forbidden Island to introduce my wife and my parents to co-ops.