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Really Nuts


I enjoy the randomness of Fluxx and appreciate what they were going for but the complete lack of tactics beyond the single turn you are taking means that after multiple games it starts to drag. Would enjoy it if there were more set win conditions that were harder to achieve so you could at least feel like you were working towards something.


Good game from time to time. Quite a bit of luck. Games can end quickly or drag on forever it seems.


by dcoe

See comment for Guillotine.


depends if i'm drunk or not.. :-)


I know there are a ton of reasons I shouldn't like this game, but I can't help myself. It's just so ridiculous and fun.


Enjoy it very much as a filler or end of night no brainer. The occasional marathon games can really turn people off.


Played it too much, now the box is busted.


2-6 players 5-30 minutes


Had a blast playing this game, though it can drag if the cards aren't going your way. A good filler game with plenty of laughs.


I really enjoyed this game once upon a time. It's utterly random, but it was amusing nonetheless. That lost its luster pretty quick though. Then it just started getting painful to sit through. Nowadays, I hope to never have to play again. Ever.


The game is amusing for the first few plays, but quickly just becomes a game of complete chance. You can't apply a strategy, some games are over in a blink and other go on forever, but all end with a sort of shrug. Winning isn't satisfying and losing just feels like a waste of time.


fun, chaotic, simplistic...sometimes i like not knowing where a game is going, or even how i'll get there (its good to give the brain a little rest once in a while...)


Maria pre 2015


Almost not a game. Sit around and wait for the right combination of cards to be pulled. The variable play length really kills me. That being said, it does have flashes of fun when played with the right people.


Location: Shelf Box


GIFTED Goofy randomness. Obtained as part of a "Mystery Box" purchase.


I have given away so many copies of this game! A totally random, totally silly game that is great for a group, but not for drinking. Some players get frustrated with the rules changes. I even have a copy of version 1.0!


What's the point of this game? There is no chance for strategy or player interaction. The problem gets worse with more players. Stay away unless you only have two players and have nothing else to play.


Not really a game so much as an exercise in randomness. Winning always seems like a fluke (and pretty much always is), any other illusion of fun is just an illusion.


Fluxx is a game you can take anywhere. Its fast & fun.


Lasts far too long for what it is. Play Nomic instead!


Used to love this game, but too many times have games devolved into whoever can do the most stalling with their turn


I have no love for Fluxx. there is little player control in the game design and does the game ever really "end"?


A Gamer's 'party game' as some non-gamers seem to really not like 'the cards ARE the rules' aspect of it.


2-6, 15m


My wife's game... she has pleasant memories of receiving it as a gift, so it's never going away.


*bletch* - rules keep changing all the time. Don't like it one bit!


Underappreciated because of the indeterminate game length and because of how quickly luck can change the game. I don't mind the luck since the game's so fast.


Great game, light hearted/minded and it can last 10 seconds or 10 minutes, generally the group I play with plays this for a break from serious games or to lighten the mood a bit!


This game is all over the place. It feels like a filler, with its quick and simple decisions, but with such a volatile game system, this game can drastically vary in length from one game to the next. This is all by design, but I don't care for it and will not be revisiting.


(+) Easy for anyone to pick up and play, games are fairly quick, it isn't deep but there are some interesting tactical choices, accommodates several player counts (-) A lot of luck based on the card draws, can feel like you aren't really in control of what is happening, a lot of downtime if there are too many players


Our groups favorite "party" card game. Modular rules and player ability to drop in and out of the game smoothly definitely keeps it in our play group when work schedules just don't work out as planned. High replayability keeps us coming back again and again.


Nice filler game. Can drag way to long some times