Terraforming Mars: Prelude board game
Terraforming Mars: Prelude board game

Terraforming Mars: Prelude

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As the mega corporations are getting ready to start the terraforming process, you now have the chance to make those early choices that will come to define your corporation and set the course for the future history of Mars - this is the prelude to your greatest endeavors!

In Terraforming Mars: Prelude, you get to choose from Prelude cards that jumpstart the terraforming process, or boost your corporation engine. There are also 5 new corporations, and 7 project cards that thematically fit the early stages of terraforming.

Terraforming Mars: Prelude is the third expansion to the smash-hit game, Terraforming Mars, and can be combined with any other expansion or variant.

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  • I absolutely love playing with this expansion. It gets the game starting much quicker!
  • I cannot imagine playing base game without this expansion.
  • Ottima per velocizzare il gioco.Rapporto qualità - prezzo non entusiasmante.
  • December 2019$14 Coolstuff Inc.
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Solo definitely works, but I think it's way more fun to play with friends. And I haven't tried playing with #Terraforming Mars: Prelude yet, but it's definitely on the wishlist. I hear it improves the early game by a large margin.

Oh wow didn't think anyone would have been able to come into the hobby mid pandemic lol.

And YES omg the components in that game are so off putting. Not to mention any commenter on BGG who even remotely voices an opinion on it, the designer shoots down immediately. Those two things combined really made me not want to support him by buying more content which really sucks cause it is a great game despite that. But yeah if you do ever pick it up, I don't really mind the cubes as much as I do the player boards. I'd recommend picking up the ones on the BGG Store or if you also find you don't want to support the designer lol, people have made some on Etsy. That and the #Terraforming Mars: Prelude expansion are, in my opinion, essential and should have come with the base game.

Lighter games for your family sounds like a good start, so let me try to recommend some that we enjoy for that purpose. I'm going to assume everyone you'd be playing with is an adult as I don't have any kids myself so I couldn't help you much there lol.

#Wingspan - we haven't tried it with our parents or siblings yet, but I have played with as many as 4 and it's easily my favorite game.

#Similo - super light kind of co-op deduction game that was a huge hit with the in-laws.

#The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - also a great co-op. Works well with 3 and I could see it getting really hard with more players.

#Silver & Gold - been wanting to introduce this to my mother in law as she likes tetris

#Point Salad - quick filler type game with sometimes annoying math at the end.

How many do you usually play #Terraforming Mars with? I've only ever tried it at two but I want to give it a go solo. Also, do you have the much needed #Terraforming Mars: Prelude expansion?

Games at the top of my personal purchase priority list:

games on my gift list circulated to family & friends:

I have a ton of games on my wish list, and routinely watch for sales opportunities, but the ones listed on my personal priority list will be purchased as soon as they are available, and the ones on my gift list I don't want to spend the money for but would love to have.

Makes sense. I haven't played any official digital adaptions just a TTS mod. It definitely took a lot less time to play at least when it came to set up lol. I could only imagine a digital version would be better than TTS because it would likely do all the upkeep steps for you. 

As for expansions, I have#Terraforming Mars: Prelude and I would never play again without it. It greatly speeds up the game which is really important considering it has taken us pre expansion 3+ hours to play at 2p before. I'd like to get some more expansions but I absolutely refuse to spend more money on that game.

1. I'd still get #Terraforming Mars and #Terraforming Mars: Prelude (if I could ever find it-maybe that qualifies for #2), #Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits Game, #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Alhambra: Big Box, #Azul, and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.

2.Well, I still love #Scotland Yard which I received as a birthday gift back in 1985 but I don't know if it's out of print or not.

Lots of gaming this week solo and otherwise!

  • #Terraforming Mars (Solo, physical): One of my favourites and the first game I really enjoyed solo.  I played it with just #Terraforming Mars: Prelude as I felt like a more basic game.
  • #Spirit Island with #Spirit Island: Branch & Claw (Solo, Physical): Probably my favourite solo game when I want something meatier.  I enjoy playing with 2 spirits but bumped the difficulty up a bit much and got handily swamped!  Might be time to step it back a bit.
  • #Streets (TTS, Multiplayer): I backed this one on kickstarter.  One of the few games I've backed in a while but I really like Villagers so I figured it was a safe bet.  I enjoyed the game and I think it will get better with repeated plays.  Speaking of Villagers...
  • #Villagers (Solo, Physical x2): It's a nice easy game to setup and the solo play doesn't have too many bits to remember.  Played two games.  Narrowly lost the first one and then finally got my first win in the second game!  The solo play requires a bit different thinking than the multiplayer game which I'm finally starting to get.
  • #Ecos: First Continent (TTS, multiplayer): I quite enjoy this game.  (I enjoy most games where you create a map.)  I was trying to play too strategically to work up to one big scoring card but my plans were repeatedly (and accidentally) thwarted by the other players.  I have to remember to draft more medium level scoring cards and not to get fixated on one goal.  
  • #Trickerion (TTS, multiplayer): First time playing this game and it was super interesting!  We're going to play again next weekend now that we all have the game flow down.  The game makese more thematic sense than some of the other complex games we're tried with a couple of exceptions. Thinking ahead is super important which gave me a bit of a #Lignum feeling to it.  To have a really top score you would want to pick the top level trick you are going to go for from early on in the game.
  • #Take 5 + Take a Number (Physical, muliplayer x2): Had some friends over for a socially distanced night and they quite enjoyed Take 5.  This is turning in to a good investment.
  • #Just One (Physiical, multiplayer): Same friends, same evening, also good fun.  I think this game works best with 5+ players though.  With 4 the danger of 2 people matching creates a lot of really cautious play.

Great week for gaming!

I don't really feel the need for expansions unless I've heard it dramatically improves the base game (as was the case for #Terraforming Mars: Prelude) or I really enjoyed the game (such as #Wingspan: European Expansion and #Mystic Vale: Twilight Garden Expansion). The upcoming release of #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is on my radar as well as #Lorenzo il Magnifico: Houses of Renaissance Expansion only if we ever play out the base game. 

We'll be playing Terraforming Mars with Terraforming Mars: Prelude and Terraforming Mars: Colonies on Thursday.  First time with both for the group but I've played them solo a couple of times and I think they will enjoy it.

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