Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 board game
Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 board game

Pandemic Legacy: Season 2

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71 Years Ago: The plague came out of nowhere and ravaged the world. Fever, cough, sores, and death - once infected, most died within a week. Nothing could stop it. The world did its best. It wasn't good enough.

The last fragments of our people have desperately kept the world from collapsing completely. For three generations we have lived on the seas, on floating stations they called "havens." Far from the plague, we are able to provide supplies to the mainland - antibiotics, food, medicine, and tools - to keep them (and us) from succumbing completely. We keep a network of the largest known cities in the world alive. Things have been tough the past few years. Cities far away from the havens have fallen off the grid. We don't know what's happened to them. We don't know why the supplies aren't reaching them. We have only a few cities left on our gird. We are failing.

A cooperative legacy game for two to four players, Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 immerses players in a harrowing tale of survival. It is seventy-one years after the events of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, and humanity has been brought to its knees. A network of the last known cities persists, supplied by the havens, isolated stations floating in the ocean far from the plague. Three generations of survivors have called the havens home. Most of them have never set foot on the mainland. But now supplies are running low and the people have turned to you to lead. It's up to you to save what remaining cities you can and stop the world from ending for good.

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  • Really enjoyed the game overall... a couple strange / boring months in the middle, but lots of tension early and in the latter months.
  • We had a slow start with this one but picked it up again in May (11 of our games were in May). Once we actually got into it deep I think I liked this one even more than the first one, we just should have waited a little longer in between because it was a lot of pandemic.
  • Let's be honest here, this game has great ideas but suffers from one major flaw - it is WAY too hard. We played through S1 and were able to keep our funding level at 2-4, a fun win/loss ratio. In this game we have played 3 months and lost 5/6 games. This is not fun, and the game introduces way too much to screw you over and you can't recover. I'm not having fun, my group is not having fun, we are done. What a disappointment.
  • All the changes from vanilla Pandemic strike me as for the worse--increasing randomness, more hovering around the same narrower set of cities, etc. Unsurprisingly, then, the game lives or dies by its legacy elements--so time will tell.
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This weekend I taught#The Castles of Burgundy 

#Magic Maze#Tournament at Avalon and did quick refreshers for#7 Wonders and#The Quacks of Quedlinburg 

I also technically taught#Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 but we were doing the prologue, and I was more reading the rule book outloud and being a lead interpreter on how that functions on the board... 

My way of teaching is start with how to win, then go back and explain the game... like "the goal is to get the most points... we do this by...  ". I used to start by explaining the games story, and what roles we were taking on but I found that didn't have enough broad. Also I always end with asking if players want rules and strategy tips or just rules clarifications during the gameplay. 

ive had two people tell me they don't understand the wine production in#Viticulture: Essential Edition after the game was over (didn't mention it during the game or during the teach tho...). So I guess that's a tough one for me, also I just don't enjoy teaching#Scythe

i think I am the teacher in most of my groups strictly because I'm an awful student, I neeeed to see the rule book. It's just the way my mind processes information, if someone is verbally explaining more than 3-5 rules I just can't focus. And almost all people I play with don't enjoy reading rule books so it works. 

Good fun this week!

#Raiders of the North Sea with the expansion #Raiders of the North Sea: Fields of Fame - tried with 5 people and have to say it's not ideal. Too many people...

#Root hit the table with Vagabond taking the win! Need to work on my Woodland Alliance strategy

#Tiny Epic Galaxies is a recent buy and very happy with it. Great little game.

The highlight goes to #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 which we started the campaign with the same 4 people that did #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. Played only January so far, but EXCELLENT! Amazing fun.

Mostly game related items like you mentioned.  Potentially new mini's for a couple of games.  My one group produced custom mini's for #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 which were pretty awesome.  They were a little big on the board but it was easy to know who was who at least. 

Good luck with #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2  we did our season a couple of years ago when it came out.  Took us 3 tries through the prologue to figure out the mechanics.  Its such a different game from base Pandemic and Season 1.  We figured out we had a rule wrong which made the prologue plays super difficult.  I liked Season 2 more than Season 1 and enjoyed the surprises that are in store for you as well as the world building aspect of Season 2.  Look forward to hearing more as you go forward.

#Railroad Ink: Blazing Red this game has proven to be such a relaxing play for me that I want to carry it around. It is also gorgeous production for such a small game.

#Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 started this by playing the prologue.

#Unlock! Heroic Adventures played the White Rabbit one for Halloween with 4 people and it was excellent!

I am a board game hoarder/collector.  I buy things because I want to play them and then due to lack of time and lack of people to play with they only end up hitting the table a few times.  So I would have to get the ones that hit the table the most which would be: #Viticulture: Essential Edition ($45), #Steampunk Rally ($24), #Secret Hitler ($35), #Codenames ($10), #Puerto Rico ($17), #Spirit Island ($55) and we can throw in #Animal Upon Animal ($10) for the kiddos. 

However, if I were really starting over (and like, wiping my brain of gaming memory) #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 were some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had so I'd tell myself to get those and of course #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 which I haven't started yet but I'm sure will be great

I dont typically stay up at night thinking about the outcome of a game.  I will stay up pondering how to be better especially on legacy games ( #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 and #Risk: Legacy especially).  I don't ponder the non-legacy games as much since I'm much less frequent to get them to the table.  Probably the biggest downside to a medium size collection is I don't play the stuff I own super frerquently.

We have been playing #Pandemic Legacy: Season 2.  So far we have played 11 total games, 3 prolog games, and then 8 games to get us to July.  We lost 4 in a row from March to April and then turned things around in May and June.  So far really enjoying it.  It is quite different than Season 1.  Which at this point I would say I liked a bit more.  Season 2 does introduce some new mechanics but through the first six months the game itself has not chnaged all that much and I was hoping for a bit more variety.  I'm sure that will prob happen in thelast six months.

We also played #Adventure Games: The Dungeon.  This was well written and voice narrated through the app.  This is a relatively simple adventure (if it were a video game it would be a point and click) but with some decent branching outcomes.  We did miss a few key things towards the end of the adventure, which I won't go into as they are all spoilers, but it would have been nice if they had desinged it a bit differently so that you wouldn't miss big parts of the adventure because you chose to do A before B, C and D.  Overall though we enjoyed it.  The nice part is nothing is destoryed so you could easily hand it off to someone else to play unlike say the EXIT series of games which for the most part are one and done.

We played a couple games of #Scooby-Doo!: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion Which i would descibe as Betrayal light.  The theme is great.  All the haunts are named after episodes of the TV show or movies.  The game seems to suffer a bit from the same things #Betrayal at House on the Hill and its DnD counterpart #Betrayal at Baldur's Gate did and that is the Haunts are not written in a clear manor so that everyone knows what to do.  In one case we played a Haunt where one of the main mechanics of the haunt was completely left out of the book.  I had to check the forums to figure it out.  And after looking around the forums realized that there are quite a few more issues as well.  These are in my opionion unforgiveable errors.  Someone should have absolutely caught those kinds of simeple errors on the very first play test.  Beyond that though the game is fun and if you are interested in a Betrayal game but are new to the concept or gaming in general this would be a great game to start off with, and then if you like it you can work your way through the other two and eventually #Betrayal Legacy, one of my favortie Legacy games to date.


Yesterday we played a couple games of #Sonora.  A flick and write game.  Love both aspects of the game.  The flicking is fun and you can mess with the other players if you want to.  There are 4 sections you flick in to and those correspond to the 4 sections you can write your points in to.  Each section has bonuses that allow you to chain scoring from one section to another and on and on and sometimes just one disk can chain many times.  The final game yesterday my son and I tied at 266 and he ended up winning the tie breaker as he had one more discovery bonus than I did.  Really enjoy this game and would highly reccomend to anyone who enjoys roll and writes or flicking games.