Sheriff of Nottingham board game
Sheriff of Nottingham board game

Sheriff of Nottingham

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The Sheriff of Nottingham is a fun and engaging game for all where each player will have the chance to be the Sheriff himself! As peasants, players will declare goods they wish to bring into the city and it will be up to the Sheriff to decide who is telling the truth and who is secretly trying to smuggle in contraband!

Experience Nottingham in a whole new way! Declare your goods, deal with the Sheriff and secure victory in a fun-filled and exciting adventure!

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  • Like new, played once.SR - $7BIN - $15
  • (2019 - 9) haven't played this game in a good long time but have fond memories of it. I never mentioned before, but the game i bought didn't come with the bags that are essential to the game. Costumer service hooked me up and added a few promo cards as well. (2015 - 10) Great game! Even better with the phone app that helps tally the score automatically. My score may only be slightly lower if after each game i had to stop and tally the score myself but with the app it works out fine. I highly recommend the game and the app.
  • Fun family game, can generate some hard feelings.
  • Not wild for bluffing games, but this one is okay!
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There is a framework set up to make binding bribes in the game but only for whether or not the Sherriff will look into a given bag this particular round. IME the fun comes with more creative uses for non-binding agreements for favors/ future favors. The rules state this is an option but there isn't a framework to make it happen. It is solely based on the players discretion and dispositions. Which can be really fun and entertaining, or it can lead to a relatively boring bluffing game depending upon the nature of the group playing.

I found that the system set up by #GoodCritters more reliably provides a fun, interactive, game of bluffing and sneakery, deal-making and betrayal,  that fills the same brain space that I want from a good game of #Sheriff of Nottingham .


I've yet to play #Sheriff of Nottingham! Does it require players to actually vocalize some of their thoughts? Or is the bargaining/bribing mostly done with simple actions?

I find #Sheriff of Nottingham to be very group dependent. It's almost no fun at all if you have a group that doesn't want to do a bunch of bargaining and bribing. 

Just thought of one more.

We always do 1 more round than suggested with #Sheriff of Nottingham.  The game feels too short otherwise and with only 2 rounds its really hard to set up a bluffing strategy. 

Yeah 55 for extended family is "small" for me and my family as well.  My dad was 1 of 8 and my mom is 1 of 12.  Family gatherings for my mom's extended family can get close to 150 - 200 people if all of the cousins and their kids show up.  Yes, they end up renting a reception hall/church basement to hold everyone.  Dad's extended family ends up closer to 100 if everyone shows up. 

#Sheriff of Nottingham, #King of Tokyo, #Diamonds, #For Sale, #Citadels: Classic, #Skull, #Camel Up, #Sushi Go Party!, #Just One are games that end to get played (depending on what I bring with me)

I feel you with #Burgle Bros. I really like that game but tend to do more solo. I have a few folks in my group that either quarterback or stay silent and wait for the quarterback to take over. 

I have never sold games but I'm starting to look more and more into it. The three that are inches away from the executioners block.

1) #Sheriff of Nottingham : I have played other social deduction games (lots), but I just don't get this one. I'm either missing something big or I'm missing nothing and the game is just too simple.

2) #Vast: The Crystal Caverns : This game is SOOO much work to teach everyone. By the time we all finish the rules and get through a game everyone is so over the game that no one wants to play again. Not only have I never played two in a row, I have never had anyone ever ask me to play it again.

3) #Cloudspire : I really really really wanted to love this game. I carried this massive game around for hours at GenCon. The solo play feels more like a puzzle and less like a game. It also is very similar to Vast where it is so much work to teach. People have enjoyed it "they think" but it never makes an encore appearance. This one is the scariest on to think about selling... the shipping on this woul dbe rediculous. 

Some of the games that aren't necessarily about a hidden traitor but at least give me the same feeling of trying to decieve are #Coup, #Poker, #Skull, and #Sheriff of Nottingham. They each give me that same adrenaline when I'm trying to make something work and need others to be convinced of it too!

So much fun.

That's funny, I actually bought #Sheriff of Nottingham as a gift for someone too! I believe I got #Dominion: Second Edition as a gift for one of my friends as well. I didn't even know what they were at the time so I was just going off of the fact that they had been talking about both games for a while. I only played them once or twice but now I want to go back and ask those friends to try them again!