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Raptor board game


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Hidden in the bushes, a team of scientists are looking for one raptor's family but their survival instinct prevail. They need to be really careful and well-prepared because one mother will make every sacrifice to protect her young.

In Raptor, you can play the dinosaur group or the scientists team. Whichever side that you choose you will need plans your tactics and strategy to reach one of your objectives and win the game.

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  • Quick and simple 1-vs-1 asymmetric card driven combat game. Options feel a little bit limited because of only having 3 cards available, but I guess the idea is to make the most out of what you got. 2 players.
  • Awesome, well balance game will be in my collection proably for ever.
  • I've played this a few times and i've yet to see a raptor win.Though, i enjoy it right now, i can see the rating dropping if it continues to feel unbalanced.
  • Smooth as silk. Very easy to pick up and teach. The theme is soundly connected to the mechanisms, and there are a good amount of choices to choose from. I don't know if it was intentional, but the card selection system and subsequent actions seem reminiscent of El Grande, which is a good thing in my book. That, combined with the 2-player asymmetry and dino theme, there's not much to dislike really. Definitely going to hit the table regularly.

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My kids reminded me the other day that I have also never ever won a game of #Raptor .

I'm in the middle of The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I'm enjoying it! I wanted something a bit lighter after reading a book in the Dune series (Heretics of Dune) and the 2nd book in the Ender series (Speaker for the Dead). Both of those were excellent! I'll probably read some non-fiction next, though I'm not sure what. Although when I do that, I tend to read a fiction book at the same time, so I may jump back in and finish out the original series of Dune with Chapterhouse Dune.

Make a game out of The Lost World? Well there's no shortage of dinosaur games out there. The closest might be #Raptor. Done!

Nice set of plays, I have been eyeing up #Raptor as a possible two player game for my partner and I. It seems not too heavy as she isn't as into games as I am but does enjoy strong themes and relatively straightforward games. Do you think it would be a good choice?

Played #Kemet w/ 3 that ended in a 3 way tie (I won the first tie-breaker).  Such a good and fun game.

Played #Concordia w/ 3.  it was the first play for the other 2 and I ended up running away with the game.  Won by almost 40 points.

Played #Gunslinger vs Samurai - Dice Throne: Season Two Board Game (Samurai) vs #Dice Throne: Season 2 - Tactician vs. Huntress (Tactician) and the Samurai won pretty easily again.  Think my approach to the Tactician needs some refinement. 

Bought #Dr. Eureka and played 4 or 5 games with my boys.  They both love the game (10 & 13yr old).  Play usually to 5 cards. 

Played #Raptor and playing as the Raptor is so difficult.  Really enjoy this game and its challange. 

#Dinosaur Island is good for 9yr olds if you play the short game.  My boys didn't have the attention span for the medium or long game, but they did enjoy building the dino's. 

Other games my boys loved that would be good at 2:

#Carcassonne, #Forbidden Island (or really any of them), #Pandemic, #Raptor, #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Gameand #Dice Throne: Season 2 - Gunslinger vs. Samurai

I played #Clank!: Sunken Treasures (3 player), 2 games of #The Quest for El Dorado(3 player), game 12 in #Risk: Legacy(5 player), #Raptor (2 player),  #Kingdomino w #Kingdomino: Age of Giants Expansion (3 player). 

I don't track any of my online plays.  I have anywhere between 8 to 15 games going between Board Game Arena and Yucata. 

Uhh not sure if this counts as an animal game but here's one I found: Raptor

Bärenpark is another one, but again, not a strong theme around bears like in the case of Wingspan.


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