Caverna: The Cave Farmers board game
Caverna: The Cave Farmers board game

Caverna: The Cave Farmers

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From designer Uwe Rosenberg, creator of the smash-hit Agricola! In Caverna, players take on the role of cave-dwelling, dwarven farmers and miners trying to lead their family to success and prosperity by furnishing the communal cave, mining ore to forge weapons, and clearing the nearby forest to make room for farming and a little animal husbandry.

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  • It's Agricola but not Agricola. All the goodness of the venerable 'Gric funneled into a jumbo package of coolness with new twists and turns added making the game different.
  • great game, it really feels like i'm leading my own group of dwarves
  • --Jun2014-- A quite charmingly excellent Agricola variant. It's quite probable that I'll end up liking this one more than its ancestor. But for the moment, it's trailing dramatically in number of times played.
  • Caverna is a VAST improvement over Agricola, and I'm not really sure why. I find it more tense than Agricola, although I see that the latter game SHOULD be more tense. Perhaps I find Caverna more tense because I never really feel drawn into the "world" of Agricola, and so what tension I should be feeling in that game is lost in a sense of, "Oh, what an interesting puzzle I'm doing." I'm drawn into the world of Caverna because it feels more realistic...and yet it's about dwarves? Huh?I like that all the information is wide open to all players: no secrets among dwarves. It looks like multi-player solitaire, but it ain't. You MUST keep an eye on what the other dwarves are doing, and change your plans accordingly (at least in the first half of the game). As John Bandettini said: "It's like Agricola, but fun"!
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Hello I'm back!

My interest of Obsession isn't very high, I hate the cover art and don't really like the old fashion look. But I haven't played a whole lot of worker placement games, so I'll give it in honest try if I ever happen to get this game.

My favorite worker placement game is #Scythe or #Architects of the West Kingdom, I can't decide. I've only played #Caverna: The Cave Farmers once, but I really liked it and would love to play it again

I found my new most wanted rare game, #Village Attacks. You play as a mythical monster, like the Lych, and defend your castle from a village, who wil throw a tone of peasants at you, then hire mercanaries and hunters. The game looks fantastic. My most wanted game is still #Carnival Zombie, but the second edition is on Kickstarter so I'm going to back it eventually

Ever since the first time I have played #Agricola and #Caverna... No never again...

In hindsight, with that $200 budget I would try to get games that all support solo modes. Thus:

I'm newer to the hobby and this video makes me want to take another look at #Caverna: The Cave Farmers . 

I feel like that game isn't talked about a lot amongst the content creators? am i missing the info, or has this game just fallen out of favour?

This week we got Fantasy Flight Games Fury of Dracula 3rd EditionKingdomino , Cosmic Encounter, and Caverna: The Cave Farmers to the table.   It was a first time for Caverna. Unfortunately one of our players had some heavy AP and it’s not the best game for that.   I quite enjoyed it but it took much longer than it should have. 


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