Ascending Empires board game
Ascending Empires board game

Ascending Empires

Humanity has been at each others throats since time immemorial. Now, in another galaxy, humans wage war amongst themselves again, but this time, with the aid of alien technology found on other planets. Ascending Empires offers a nice mixture of building, exploring, and development, along with combat via a simple dexterity element. Players flick their starships into orbits around planets to defend or attack them or surround enemy ships to destroy them. Ascending Empires is sure to sate the desire for a space empire building game that plays simply yet deeply.

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  • very much enjoyed this game look forward to a number 2 or 2nd edition of this.
  • Much better than I expected. The flicking aspect is alright here - in some imagined childhood, I've played this part of the game before on my bedroom floor. But what takes it up a notch is the strategy layers building on planets by choosing development ladders. Still, all in all, it sits just below something I need to own.

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I'm just going to answer the second question about my favorite space games. 

#Alien Frontiers is probably my favorite. It is also one of my wife's top games. I like dice and dice manipulation. One thing that is good about this over similar games like Kingsburg is that you aren't punished as much for low rolls. Low rolls are better in  some spots so you can still be competitive. 

#Race for the Galaxy #Roll For The Galaxy..

I think Race is one of the best two player games made. Being able to choose two actions is really fun. Roll is different enough to have a place in a collection too. The sell/trade is a little more straight forward and it is easier to dig for tiles you want.

#Ascending Empires I don't play a lot of 4x games, but I like this one. It is a flicky game where you flick your ships around to board to orbit and colonize planets. When getting multiple planets of the same type, your science goes up in that color and you get special powers. It also plays in under an hour. But don't take it too seriously, because the flick mechanic can be maddening at times.

#Ad Astra Advanced Settlers of Catan in space. I'd like to see a nice deluxe reprint of this game.


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