Syndicate – Crime in Space, 1085 Years From Now

Year 3105. The world is ruled by an universe wide regime known as Sovereign. Countless star systems cower in fear of opposing their iron rule. Not all of them though. Far away, on the fringe of the galaxy lies a system known as Arcturus. While interplanetary flights are a common thing for almost a millennium, such a remote place often escapes the eyes of the regime. That’s what made it thrive so much. Arcturus is unofficially ruled by numerous syndicates with dramatically different backgrounds. Despite that, each of them has only one goal. To become the dominant force ruling over their star system without alarming the Sovereign. And here’s where your and your syndicate’s story begins…

The Project Begins

Syndicate was designed by Greg Dietz and Josh Pollack, two best friends who’ve started PDU Games – an independent publisher set on creating its first tabletop game. While debuts can often feel rough, Syndicate manages to impress and is a full blown and strategically deep board game with tons of unique mechanics and atmospheric, comic-like visuals drawn by Alex Petrovsky. The project started in back in 2019 and is now ready for funding through Kickstarter. So how’s the gameplay and what makes it so enjoyable? Let’s start from a quick overview.

Your Own Syndicate

Syndicate is a game for 2 to 5 players and belongs to the 4X strategy genre. Like in all of these to achieve victory, you’ll have to Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate your enemies. At the beginning of the game you have to pick a faction out of 2 random ones you draw at start. Factions happen to be quite varied and possess different feats.


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