Top Five Favorite Enemies in Imperial Aasault


#Star Wars Imperial Assault is a fantastic game and one of the things that makes it so cool is the opportunity to command or face off against iconic characters from the saga. Here is the list of my five favorite Imperial units to command:

5. Nexu

I really enjoy picking the Nexu as one of my early campaign open groups because it costs relatively little threat and has some fantastic mobility. It's attack dice aren't terrible either and it's an all around decent early game option.

4. Snowtrooper

Instantly replaced Stormtroopers as my basic unit to bring in an open group. A little more durable and an OK ability makes Snowtroopers a dependable if unspectacular choice.

3. Trandoshan Hunters

These bad boys are great if you are facing off against some melee focused Rebels. Their attack dice are kind of meh but their abilities are good overall. Plus they look cool.

2. Heavy Storm Trooper

Hard hitting, not terribly expensive, and durable. Great guys to bring along starting mid campaign. Only flaw is that they are a bit slow.

1. Death Trooper

My favorite. Excellent attack dice, amazing ability, and relatively cheap. Works great to bring along the entire set when choosing open groups. Plus they are the best stormtroopers in universe.

What are your favorite enemies in Imperial Assault?


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Supporter16 months ago

Well I always have played as the Empire so I think my list would look different.  I'd have to think about it, but I also think I have less options, since I've only played against 6 or 7 of the Hereos in the game.  I suppose I could also take Ally's into consideration...

Supporter16 months ago

Well what are your favorite units? I was really just trying to say some of my favorite imperial units. I didn't consider any rebel heroes or squads. 

Supporter16 months ago

Gotya.  I have to think about it, but I do know that I really really really don't like the E-Web Engineer.  They are too slow and easy to kill and rarely get the chance to attack.  They seem like they would be awesome because of their range and attack die pool but I've always found them to be largely useless.  Especially if you don't have they set up down a long hallway.

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