Board Games for Holidays of July 16 - July 23


I really love all those made-up holidays that are meaningless but give you a reason to celebrate something random. To bring board games into the mix, I am going to be listing the current "holidays" and listing the games that come to mind. 

Help fill and the blanks and add new options!! Love seeing the creativity.

UPDATE: Going weekly instead of daily! Now you can prepare for those upcoming parties to plan.

Friday, July 16

National Cherry Day

National Corn Fritter Day

World Snake Day


Saturday, July 17

National Tattoo Day

World Emoji Day


Sunday, July 18

National Ice Cream Day

World Listening Day


Monday, July 19

Global Hug Your Kids Day

National Get Out of the Dog House Day

  • ??

Stick Out Your Tongue Day


Tuesday, July 20

International Chess Day

National Lollipop Day

  • ??

National Moon Day

World Jump Day

  • ??


Wednesday, July 21

National Be Someone Day

  • ??

National Hot Dog Day

National Junk Food Day


Thursday, July 22

Mango Day

  • ??

National Hammock Day

Pi Approximation Day

  • ??


Friday, July 23

National Gorgeous Grandma Day

  • ??

National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

  • *Really holiday calendar, another ice cream day. Come on!

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Moderator Level 122 months ago

Jump day should be #Checkers lol

22 months ago

haha, it absolutely should!

22 months ago

National Get Out of the Dog House Day

#Fog of Love or something romantic to show you care about your significant other...

Most ridiculous goes to National Gorgeous Grandma Day 😂😂😂. I would love to hear the board game for that day.

22 months ago

Ok, I like that angle for the dog house👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. Yea, I am surprised no one has thought of a gorgeous Grandma board game for some reason. Someone needs to get that on Kickstarter ASAP.

22 months ago

World Snake Day

Definitely #Rattlesnake!

There's also #Hisss and of course, #Snakes & Ladders (Classic Games Edition).

National Ice Cream Day

#Rocky Road a la Mode

22 months ago

Great options, I have never played any of these (except Snakes and Ladders as a kid). Big respect for pulling out these abstract tiles.

New User10 days ago


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