BGA Feature #82 Read Posts Without Commitment!


I was looking through the feed yesterday and felt slightly annoyed that I have to click on and wait for the posts to read the post that someone wrote. I didn't want to have to wait so I added in a little [+] button thing that functions in a similar way to the thread hidding feature. If you find a post in the feed and click that button it will show the post! You can hide it again if you want though.

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Supporter9 months ago

Thanks. This will make me use the feed more regularly. 

Premium User9 months ago

Oh wow, that is handy!

9 months ago

Nice, would it be worth adding this to all the feed? So you could either read the post that the comment is relating too or read the comment thread it is in response to? I feel like that might up engagement/discussion as people would know what a comment was about and so feel more inclined to jump in on a discussion

Owner9 months ago

I've been using it throughout the day and I like it! By the way, did you mean to be able to play videos from the feed as well? Currently, if you click the + on a video post, it only shows the description

9 months ago

I like to imagine you wrote this comment rather than saying it while being sat all of 6ft away from Trent in the office

Owner9 months ago

Good find. I'll have to add that in.

Partner9 months ago

That is nice.

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