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GIVEAWAY | Syndicate, the Epic Space 4X

With the successful first few days of new board game SYNDICATE on Kickstarter, we have partnered with the publishers PDU Games to get you a brand new copy of this hot title. Click on the link to head on over to the giveaway sign-up form.


In this thrilling sci-fi 4x, you control a young, enterprising criminal syndicate on the outer fringe of Arcturus, trying to stay under the radar of the Sovereign while competing with other criminal syndicates for money, power, loyal crew, and advanced technology. Complete missions, set up criminal operations, and take down anyone who stands in your path to building the most formidable interplanetary criminal empire in the system.

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5 months ago

Space mobsters...sweet!

Supporter5 months ago

This is a Giveaway I'd love to win.  Really love the theme.  Space Crime Lords, yes please.

Supporter5 months ago

Sounds like a cool game. I entered the GAW. Thanks for sharing!