Root: Marauder Expansion is Live!


Root: Marauder KS

I'm deciding on tier 1 or tier 2.

I really want the tier 2 but $80 is steep...

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Supporter8 days ago

Great video with a brief overview of how everything works...

Root: Marauder Preview

Right now I think I'm most excited for "The Lords of the Hundreds" (Rat Faction), and the new setup rules.  In fact, while I don't typically do PNP stuff I think I will PNP the Set Up cards when it's available.

I'm especially curios to hear what thinks about it all, especially the Hirelings?

Are you backing it and at what tier?

Owner8 days ago

I'm 99% certain that I'll back it. Since it'll be mostly dependent on finding my wife's time for 2p games, I don't think it'll come out a whole lot, but it's one of those rare instances when I'm thinking of going for it just because I want it. And maybe, just maybe, my son might be interested in playing with me some day :D

At first, I wasn't toooo hot on the Hirelings. Just wished the overall mechanisms around it had a better thematic tie, where it's not completely up to the dice and how behind a player is. At the same time, I do appreciate the simplicity of it and how much variety they'll add to the tactical play.

Besides all that, all I have to say is that those meeples look awfully hard to say no to 😆 

I would back it at $80 tier if I go for it. I'll likely buy 2-3 games this year and try to come under $300 budget. My plan so far is...

Supporter8 days ago

I'm at the $50 right now.  The Meeples are so awesome, but I'm trying to balance budget/needing all the things, with what I really need.  I'm also thinking, this is my favorite game it'll always been in my collection what's $30 more now gonna mean over the life of the game.

However, there are already 7 Hirelings in the first tier which is probaby more than enough for the amount of use they would get.  Plus, this is not something I'd normally do because I love Meeples and I want them all, I could just PNP the other Hirelings and sub the Meeples I already have.

If I could get a way to sell the 3-4 games I want to sell I would consider upping it but I just haven't had any luck offloading the games I want to sell.  

I'm sure there is plenty of time to change my pledge or add stuff during pledge manager if I change my mind.

Like you, I wasn't too hot on the Hirelings until I read the Design Diary and started watching some videos.  Now I'm really excited about them... and if my 8 year old daughter started playing Root at just after 7 I'm sure you'll be able to get your son on board down the line.

Owner7 days ago

I hope so! It'd be great if it became our go-to 2p board game for me and my son :)

In every way I can imagine, spending $80 + shipping is excessive considering how often I'll be able to ask for my wife's time. It's definitely a splurge more than anything haha. And another part to this is that instead of spending $30 for the additional Hirelings, getting Underworld Expansion for the Moles would probably bring more variety at least in terms of faction combinations.

Supporter6 days ago

Yeah, I'm having a hard time justifying $30 extra for something (when one of my limits on buying each year is a budget reason) that just adds on top of the 7 that already come with it.  I'm sure the 7 "base" hirelings will give me more than enough variability in play.

I do also think that it was a suprising jump.  I'm not disappointed in what you get at $50 but $80 just seems way way to high.

I'm sure your son will love it because you'll show him it's something to love.  That's how my two oldest are (my second daughter is getting more and more interested in playing just from watching my oldest and me play together).

Owner5 days ago

Yeah, I'm looking forward to that time :)

Are you planning on trying out the PnP material for the hirelings? I've thought about testing it out by playing two-handed and then reporting back on it on the forum

Edit: I meant testing out the two new major factions :D

Supporter5 days ago

I'm not a huge fan of PNP for things that will got a lot of use.  The reason I don't do the Clockwork Expasions and use PNP for the Bots is because I rarely use them.  I have been going back and forth becase I really love the new factions.  Maybe if they have the same number of warriors as an existing faction I will print it out and just use the Moles for instance as my pieces on the board?

I do plan on 100% printing the advanced set up cards since they will only be used right at the beginning of the game and I think ther are going to go a long way in adding to the telling of a great Root story.

I may also consider the demoted Hirelings side since those don't use the Meeples and I generally play Root at 4-5 Players.

What about you?

Owner2 days ago

Gotcha, I was thinking of printing out the major factions just so that I can try it out and see how it feels to play. Doubt it would sway me away from backing the game, and it'd be fun to report back on it too.

Supporter2 days ago

For sure... just keep in mind that previous factions have had rules changes after the PNP kits.  The Corvids for example changed pretty dramatically from the original plan.

But I may look into it.  Of course I already backed it (duh)... but I think I've said I'm not going to the $80 tier.  I'm such a sucker for well done Meeples and want the all, but the reality is I do not need them.  That's $30 more dollars toward my potential backing of #John Company (Second Edition)

2 days ago

Oh snap! I love the theme and some of the mechanics on this but I am curious how muich negotiation will be left in from the original!

Supporter44 hours ago

Looking at BGG, seems like it's gonna be really pricey.  Drew mentioned it coming in higher than #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) so I don't know if it'll be my game this year or not.

Owner2 days ago

Got it, I'm most interested in trying out the Rats or Badgers. If I were to two-hand it to try it out, I'm thinking Rats would make more sense, but we'll see.

And yeah, given how #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) turned out, I bet the metal coins will be hard to resist on John Company 2E! Really curious how that campaign will turn out.

Supporter33 hours ago

Yeah that's not a bad idea, running both together to see how they work and interact.

Supporter7 days ago

Will this will be your first kickstarter?


Owner7 days ago

Yup, it will be my first.

Supporter6 days ago


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