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Top 10 Most Popular Board Games of Last Week (12/13-12/19)


Here are the top 10 most popular games of the past week (numbers in the parentheses indicate % change in visits with respect to the previous week).

Now that it's been 2 weeks since fully migrating over users, traffic patterns are finally starting to settle down so that the numbers aren't so all over the place. If you want to see current top trending games on a regularly basis, make sure to visit the Trending page which updates every hour.

1. #Root (-19.7%)

One of these days, I should dive into our google analytics and see what percentage of people are organically searching for Root vs. checking it out because it's currently the #1 game on our Popular games list. One of my favorites.

2. #Lost Ruins of Arnak (-8.6%)

Deck-building + worker placement is getting quite the traction toward the end of 2020, with this and #Dune: Imperium. Anyone interested in this?

3. #Dwellings of Eldervale (+596.8%)

An epic worker placement fantasy game that came in at $543K on Kickstarter. Fulfillment recently began so it's getting a lot of attention at the moment.

4. #Dune: Imperium (+117.1%)

I had low expectations when I first saw the announcement. It just looked "okay" and nothing about it piqued my interest. But that changed once I saw a Dice Tower playthrough video, which made it seem like my type of game with its nice blend of worker placement, deck-building, and conflict between players.

5. #Everdell (-32.7%)

Still one of the most beautifully produced games around. It's one of those games that I was on the edge about getting for the longest time. Eventually, I took it out of my wishlist because I was in pursuit of games that are very different from the ones I already own. Plus, my wife and I prefer more interaction between players.

6. #Wingspan (-16.7%)

Everything I said above applies to thing one, really. The only difference is that I've played Wingspan several times already. Great game!

7. #Brass: Birmingham (-17.4%)

This belongs in my Top 5 games I want to introduce to my wife. What I love the most is the high level of player interaction for a "euro" game and how the "map" feels tight even at 2 player count.

8. #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy (-40.1%)

This is often compared with TI4 because it supposedly gives that epic feeling but at a fraction of the time. I've been checking out playthrough videos wondering if my wife and I will love this. No verdict yet.

9. #Beyond the Sun (+103.2%)

This has been getting a ton of praise from the Dice Tower. Has anyone tried yet?

10. #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion (-22.0%)

Last but not list, Jaws of the Lion. Probably the most influential game released in 2020, considering its Target exclusive release and its focus on accessibility. One of the best examples of "handholding" in rulebooks I've seen for a game of this complexity.

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Premium User25 days ago

Was really hoping to play #Everdell tonight but we just never got around to it. Had a decent game of #Wingspan at least!

Owner24 days ago

Pretty amazing that Everdell still gets so much attention. Which do you prefer by the way?

Supporter24 days ago

That's a toughie. I would lean#Everdell but it's close. 

Premium User24 days ago

Never played #Everdell which is why I was so excited at the possibility of playing. My friend picked it up for his wife last year and they still hadn't opened it until I shamed them into doing so the other day lol. We were planning on playing last night but we all realized we didn't know how to play and had to set up the tree so we decided on #Wingspan which we all know and love. Hoping to get to play Everdell in the near future though!

Partner25 days ago

I played #Beyond the Sun a couple of times on TTS. It's interesting 3p with other people, but it has too much interaction (especially with colonizing) for us 2p.

Owner24 days ago

Seems to be getting so much praise lately. Is there a similar game you've played that's a good comparison?

Partner24 days ago

The tech tree and the two different areas to keep an eye on have a lot in common with #Roads & Boats (the planet board is somewhat like the Wonder, you don't want to let another person have it too easily, but it may be more advantageous to advance your abilities on the main board). 

Premium User24 days ago

I've heard it get compared to #Innovation though I haven't played either so I don't actually know anything lol

Premium User25 days ago

Beyond the Sun and Dune Imperium both look interesting to me. Lost Ruins of Arnak as well.

Time for further research!

25 days ago

I picked up my copy of #Dune: Imperium last week! I haven't had time to play yet, but hopefully I'll have a report here soon :D

I know that Phil and Trent have a copy as well!

Owner24 days ago

We have a copy of #Lost Ruins of Arnak to give away too! Will share that giveaway in the forum. These days, they get buried even on our Giveaways page lol

24 days ago

Whoa, that's exciting! That game looks really fun.

I mean, I guess you guys could "pin" giveaways from BoardGameAtlas so that yours are always at the top if you wanted. Or you could do like I mentioned somewhere else and group them by site, or something like that.

Premium User24 days ago

You'll have to do a short review of it! :)

24 days ago

I definitely will!

25 days ago

I find it interesting that #Lost Ruins of Arnak is so high on this list and on lists at BGG but has gotten almost no love over here on BGA! It looks interesting but it seems like an odd mishmash of stuff!

Owner24 days ago

What I do know is that it sold out almost instantly after it was announced/shown off by SUSD lol. There are probably very few (if not zero) users in the our forum who has a copy. I managed to get a copy to give away through a store I've never used before.

Supporter24 days ago

A LGS here in town had probably 10 copies. Could've purchased one but passed. Wasn't sure it would be totally for me or not. 

24 days ago

That totally makes sense! I can understand why there is not much hype about the game itself. I guess I am more curious why there is not much hype about the game period around here! I personally have done my research on it and it looks interesting and it could be fun but I also see how I would rather have a heavier game hit the table!

Owner24 days ago

Gotcha, I'm somewhat in that boat too now that I think about it. I mean, I've been seeing tons of pictures on Instagram and mentions on facebook groups, but I still haven't taken the step to look into it further. #Dune: Imperium got me to do that so I wonder what's the difference??

I think a big part of that is that with #Dune: Imperium, 's continued praise for #Dune and him sharing all the updates about #Dune: Imperium got me to look into the game. And I'm always attracted to the idea of game that manages to capture a lot of the magic of a longer game but in a condensed time, even if it's a very different game from the other one. I also think Arnak just didn't grab me with its theme even though it looks great on the table.

24 days ago

I don't know how mch #Dune: Imperium captures #Dune, as, like you said, they're very different games, but I think it gets the feel of the universe down pretty well, which the big Dune game does too, so they do share that. This is based on my viewing of the Dice Tower playthrough, as I haven't played it yet. D:I definitely looks like it gives you the opportunity for scheming and clever plays for dramatic swings in game momentum, which is something I love about #Dune, and is accurate to the source material. Super excited to get this played.

24 days ago

You nailed it on the head. I think both of these games lend themselves to being compared. Both Deckbuilders and worker placement, but I think Dune appeals to me more just on theme alone. Arnak is a table hog and it looks like it takes FOREVER to set up and Dune seems like the opposite. 

24 days ago

Oh I hadn't realized that about #Lost Ruins of Arnak. I guess I haven't really watched any videos about it, just heard final thoughts from several reviewers who all speak positively about it.

24 days ago

Ya it is honestly kinda funny how similar their mechanics are at their core but they play quite differently from what I can tell!

25 days ago

#Beyond the Sun is on my wishlist with #Dune: Imperium also, but I didn't have the courage to buy them. Christmas spending was a bit above expected. So maybe next year.

#Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy is on the buy for next year if it ever shows up again in stock in Canada. Harder to find then that Grinch! 

Owner24 days ago

Eclipse is the closest I've come to considering buying a 4X game :D

I'm attracted to the idea of a condensed TI4 experience, especially if it's still great at 2p count as others have claimed

Supporter24 days ago

I would love to grab either of these. I might lean towards#Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy but I wouldn't have anyone to play it with. 

24 days ago

Same - I like TI4, but to get people and the time to play is just brutal. Plus a good friend has it already, so my idea was to buy #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy so we would have two options.

18 days ago

When I first read the name, I mis-read it and thought #Dwellings of Eldervale was some gnarly expansion to #Everdell :D

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