Whims & Wishes - An Unofficial Expansion for Feudum

Hey everyone! I've spent the last couple of months of working with my friend Bruce Monson (the master mind behind the vessels in the new Rudders & Ramparts expansion) to put together an unofficial expansion that we call: Whims & Wishes.

Feudum is one of my favorite games, but, in my experience, the confrontational nature of ruling feudums leads to them not being built very often - this expansion is an attempt to allow players to pursue the construction of feudums without requiring direct conflict.

This is accomplished through the use of an 18 card deck called the Royal Whim deck - this deck consists of various demands made by the queen. Upon fulfillment of a given Royal Whim card, the fulfilling player may choose to either, a.) place one of their player discs on a military service track space (as if they had completed a successful conquer action), or b.) elect to receive a secondary reward.

And here's how it plays: at the start of the game, directly before choosing a starting pawn, each player will draw 2 Royal Whim cards, these can then be fulfilled at any point immediately before, or after a player's main action for their turn.Here's a link to the PnP files - PNP Files (Dropbox).

Feedback is more than welcome!

Long live the king!

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Supporter21 months ago

That's super cool!

21 months ago


Supporter21 months ago

Would this ever be something you would pitch to the publishers?

21 months ago

You know, I’m not sure. It would be super cool if it became a “real” thing, but I haven’t really seriously considered it. We will see though, maybe we will pursue that!

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