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What games are you planning on playing with your loved ones this year?

Any smash hits you bring out every Christmas? Any new family games you plan to teach?

We have a neurodiverse family and not all of our loved ones are able to play games unfortunately. I don't like leaving people out, so we're not a big board game family when it comes to the holidays. However, I do sneak a couple of games in my bag just in case. This year I'll probably take #Codenames and I'm considering picking up #Wits & Wagers. How about you?

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57 days ago

My mom and dad had an old game #Strata 5 that they said they played all the time until they found the least number of moves to win that couldn't be blocked. When I played #Santorini for the first time it immediately reminded me of that game. I'll be taking Santorini to Christmas day celebration to play with them. Bonus is that all my kids like it too, so thats extra plays with the grandparents!

Premium User56 days ago

Wow that sounds really great! Awesome that they'll get time to make memories with the grandparents as well!

56 days ago

2 game I'm eagerly waiting for:

These 2 games look cute enough to lure my family in, and enough puzzle to solve. I also am looking for some more language independence and not over complicated to play with my family, so far we have played and liked #Splendor #Century: Spice Road #Chinatown #Ticket To Ride , and to my surprise they also enjoyed #Power Grid . Would love some recommendation


51 days ago

I am waiting for New York Zoo, too!

Premium User56 days ago

Chinatown is a big hit with my in-laws. My mother in law calls it "gangster Monopoly" LOL

I think the only games that I have that fit the puzzle and language independence bill would be #Azul and maybe #Karuba

55 days ago

Yay for "gangster Monopoly" lol. Gonna use it next time we play

Yeah #Azul is for whatever reason is not a hit with my family, maybe it's too abstract? #Karuba seems like it will fit well though, thanks for the recommendation

Premium User55 days ago

They get mad at me for basically talking over people to try to get my deals in. I think it's because I'm generally pretty quiet otherwise so when I'm basically yelling "50 thousand dim sum!" it throws them off lol. But I'm just playing the game so 🤷🏻‍♂️

Yeah Karuba is pretty great. Still have to try and play it with them. I generally don't attempt games if there's even the smallest bit of doubt that they'll like it. It just leads me to be sad when I consider getting rid of something because of it haha

Premium User56 days ago

So for Christmas this year,  a must is #Monikers, especially with the in-laws. We usually play a lot of games particularly with them. So many new games (to us) that we have to teach them as well. A few of those are:

I know Sarah was at least theoretically interested in teaching her siblings #Wingspan. Not sure if the holidays would be a great time for that. And I picked up my father in-law #Marvel United so we'll have to play that.

58 days ago

Honestly I have no plans at this point. I'd love to get a proper game night going, but I'm not sure how feasible that is. I may try to bring out #Love Letter with family, or something similarly easy to teach.

58 days ago

Just bought cryptid and did a test run with friends. Think it's gonna be a blast to play on Christmas even if the theme is a bit off. Size is only for 5 so also gonna bring Werewords to try out as well.

Premium User58 days ago

We just played this with my parents over Thanksgiving. They caught on pretty quick and my dad actually really enjoyed it. Some reading comprehension issues caused it to not go over as well with the fiancée but I'm definitely planning on keeping it around.

58 days ago

What makes you say the theme's a little off? I've not looked into this game before

58 days ago

Haha, I meant it doesn't fit the Christmas theme that well. The theme of the actual game itself is fine but it's not really used to the fullest.

58 days ago

ohh right ha, I see what you mean now. If you glue a little santa hat to the monster on the front of the box, you're off to the races.

58 days ago

I love that idea.

Premium User58 days ago

Or instead of a monster you just think about it like where'd you hide the presents or something lol

58 days ago

Ah man, #Cryptid seems like such a neat game. You'll have to let us know how it goes!