Scorpius Freighter Review (with Everything Board Games)

My review of Scorpius Freighter from AEG is live! The link to the full review is below. Here's my preamble:

I’m a sucker for science-fiction themed games. There’s just something about new worlds, creatures, tech, and the like that fascinates me. The heroics of interplanetary pilots fighting off rogue agents, evil empires, and space pirates is always exciting. Blasters and proton torpedoes and space explosions (because who needs realism?) and fancy ships and…well, you get the idea. All of that resonates with me in a way nothing else can.

However, Scorpius Freighter isn’t your typical space opera, Star Wars-esque adventure where good guys blast bad guys. Rather, it’s about smuggling much-needed goods to the locals of a system stuck under an oppressive thumb. While there may not be explosions or fancy maneuvers, I still really like Scorpius Freighter’s theme. It’s about cargo ships making their usual runs while dropping off a few “off-the-ledger” shipments as well. Building up your ship to maximize efficiency, upgrading crew for better results, and managing resources is what you’d expect from such a theme. And it works.

Is this the perfect sci-fi game? Is the theme all it’s cracked up to be? Do the mechanics work? Find out the answers to these questions—and more—in today’s review of Scorpius Freighter! *Cue fanfare*

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