Board Game Prices - 30,000 Games with Prices Updated Every Hour

I've built a reliable and accurate system to bring board game prices from dozens of retailers for thousands of games.

I'm going to break down some of the key features I've implemented and the theory behind the decisions I made with them.

Prices Always Up To Date

A terrible experience as a user is to see a deal, click on the link to go buy the game and find out that the game is no longer in stock, or the sale is over. One of the main reasons for this is that games have limited time sales and having a price update every 24 hours isn't good enough.

I've built a 2 tier system. Every price updates every day at least once and if a page is visited then it'll fetch the latest price information if the data is more than an hour old. This ensures accurate prices for all the most visited game pages while still being reliable for every other game in the system that needs to be updated for price alerts.

If you hover over the price, it will show when it was last updated.

Wishlist Sale Alerts

Just last week I created a new system that will send you notifications for games on a list that go on sale. You can set this for your wishlist or any custom list you've created!

Setting It Up

To turn it on, go to your profile, and toggle the alert switch for whatever list you want alerts for! That's it!

Historically Low Priced Games

We have been keeping records of all the price changes for games across our database of over 30,000 games so that you can see the history of what the game has been sold at.

Specific Games

This is great for knowing if a game you're about to buy is really giving you a good deal or if you should wait for another sale to come.

Across All Games

We've also created a system to see a list of every game that is being sold at the lowest price possible. Be careful though, I bought 4 new games the week I launched the feature!

Go to Popular Games At Their Historic Low Price

You'll see the Historical Low badge each time a game is at an all time low in the search results.

Board Game Price Alerts

If you don't want to get alerted for every game on your wishlist you can set price alerts on individual games with their own thresholds! It's a quick and easy system that will notify you when a game drops below the price you've set!

Just click the bell on top of the prices section to set the alert!

Daily Price Changes

Another feature we recently launched was a page that shows you all the price changes that have happened in the last 24 hours!

Go to Daily Price Changes

Most of the biggest changes are from sales and from games that go out of stock! It's a fun page to check out once a day since it changes so much.

Price Based Search

If you're just browsing and want to see the biggest deals, it's really easy to do that too with the filters on the left side of the game results page.

You can browse by price, discount amount, or filter by games at their historic low!

Always Improving

Board Game Atlas is continually being developed and improved. We're hoping to move board gaming into the future with constant innovation and sharing of knowledge! We even have an API for other software engineers to use and build on top of the system.

If you're looking to save money on board games then Board Game Atlas is the best place to go.

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Supporter15 months ago

Nice. Great write up of your service.

15 months ago

I got my price alert on the game I was watching so its working. Now I have to decide if I want to bit and pick it up.

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Supporter14 months ago

Prices have gotten so much more reliable compared to a month ago. Thanks for the work!