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Game of the Week (7 Wonders)

This is an automated weekly post to talk about the game of the week. It chooses a random game from the top 100 on the popularity charts to hopefully get the most discussion from people who've played it. What do you think about 7 Wonders. Do you like it, own it, play it all the time, dislike, best strategies, or anything related to it?

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Premium User21 months ago

I finally managed to play it last week after being back in the hobby for quite a few years.

I definitely enjoyed it!  It's got a good depth to it while still being pretty light.  The theme came through in the play and I think it likely scales well as well.

Thumbs up from me!

Owner21 months ago

I actually don't like 7 wonders all that much. I recently sold my copy to my Local Game Store because I never played it. I've grown to not really like drafting games all that much.

21 months ago

Its one of those games that just looking at it I would have to play it a couple of times before I considered it. Too many games I'm positive on to take that chance.

Owner21 months ago

It's easy to see why so many people love it. I do think that it's the best rendition of a drafting game out there. I just don't enjoy that mechanic all that much.

Premium User21 months ago

7 Wonders is my number 1 favorite game. I have put well over 100 plays on it. I have my copy signed by the designer and was pleased to gush about how much I loved the game.


One of the biggest reasons is that it scales perfectly from 3-7 players with virtually no change in game length. On top of that it is strategic and a really nice engine builder. There are several paths to victory, and though you are building your own engine, you have to keep your eyes open for opponents for war, and for letting someone run away with science.

Most of the expansions are ok, but Leaders really makes it shine. It is another layer of strategy, while adding very little complexity or extra time. 7 players with leaders can almost always finish in 45 minutes, and if the game is set up, can play in 30. 

Such an awesome gaming experience!

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