My top 5 mass market titles


These are my favorite games that are in the mass market. I am not counting those games that started in the hobby space, and eventually migrated to mass market, these are games like #Codenames and #Catan. Bothe of these games would definately be on this list otherwise.

  1. #Catchphrase This is a party word game. Think of it as a funner version of #Taboo. Growing up every time we got together with my moms family we would play it. One of my uncles gave it to me as a part of a wedding present, because everyone needs a copy of this game. This is easily my favorite word game.
  2. #Pit I think this is the only real time game so far that I have actually enjoyed. And not only do I enjoy it, I really really like it. You are just frantically trying to blind trade cards, in real time, in order to fill your hand with all of a kind. It is so so simple, and yet surprisingly good. This just fun for a mass market game, it is simply a really fun game.
  3. #Rage I had to have a trick taking game in this list. my two favorites are Rage and #Rook so I had to choose between those two. I like Rage because your hand size is changes every round, this introduces a bit more of a unknown element, that I find sort of fun in a trick taking game.
  4. #Risk I played so many games of this growing up. I do think that it is far too long for what it is. But, it is actually a decent game, and, I really like it. I do fully aknowledge that the reason I have fun with it is very probably because of the good memories I have tied up in it.
  5. #The Farming Game This is not a very good game. But, this is the game I played most when I growing up. Sure, I played Monopoly and The Game of Life and Risk as well. But, this was our go to game when I was growing up. Couple that with the fact that my wifes family loves this game, and it often gets played a family get togethers. I do really enjoy this game even if it is just a fairly random, fairly long, roll to move, luck fest.

So, what mass market titles do you like? Do you still play them today?

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Premium User10 months ago

I think #Codenames fits this list for me. #Cranium is one of my wife's favorite games. #Mouse Trap Game (Amazon Exclusive) is a one my daughter still likes to play now and then. #The Game of Authors is one we play regularly with Becky's parents and #Mexican Train Dominoes hits the table quite often with larger family groups.

Supporter10 months ago

I really enjoyed playing with mousetrap. I don't know that I ever actually played it. 

10 months ago

We played a lot of Taboo growing up, not so much any more though just with my family. But if we had friends over could imagine breaking it out

Supporter10 months ago

I like words, so I do like Taboo as well.

Supporter10 months ago

Catchphrase is fun. I enjoy Pictionary, Uno, Bananagrams, and even Cards Against Humanity once in a while. 

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