What did you play this week? (1/17/2022)

(1/17/2022) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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4 months ago

Light week for me as my Sun and Tue groups cancelled and my planned Saturday play of #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy also feel through :(

I did get #The Quest for El Dorado and #Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk played on Thurday and a game of #Azul with wife and youngest yesterday.

I have another Saturday Eclipse play scheduled for this week so hopefully the weather and health cooperates and I'm final able to get the game to the table.

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We're in the process of moving to a new state, so last week was filled with goodbye parties and frantic packing and cleaning. Somehow, I still managed to play a few games, which I was not expecting.

  • #Wingspan @ 5p - on a weeknight get together with the guys, this is about as long a game as we could commit to, otherwise we might have gone for #Western Legends. Wingspan will rarely be my first choice, but it's a nice time, and it was great to just sit and play with my friends before we moved away.
  • #Love Letter @ 5p - we played a quick game of this after Wingspan. Lots of fun as always, even though I somehow got shafted in every round lol
  • #Lords of Waterdeep @ 4p - played with my wife, her brother, and her dad. We had a final get-together with my wife's family, and her brother really wanted to play this. The background is that I got this for him for Christmas 3(?) years ago, and we've only played it together once since, despite multiple attempts. Anyway, we got it played again, and he won, and everyone enjoyed the game, including my father in law.

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Good luck with the move.  Where are you moving to?

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Thanks! Raleigh, NC

Moderator Level 14 months ago

I was there once on business about 15 years ago. It's a beautiful area. Best wishes!

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Thank you!

Premium User4 months ago

A decent week for games.  I've still been feeling sick though so in person games have been hard to come by:

  • #Merchants & Marauders (TTS): Played this one with my buddies.  It's a sandbox style game with a Caribean Pirates setting.  I find it to be a fine to good game but I great prefer #Western Legends for sandbox play.

BGA Games:

  • #7 Wonders
  • #Race for the Galaxy
  • #Rallyman: GT - played this one with my gaming group.  Took a while to get the online implementation of it. The game seems fine but very unintuitive with the way movement and gearing works. I'd much rather play #Formula D.
  • #Downforce - finished the last game I had running.  I'll likely not play this one much in the future.
  • #A Feast for Odin - It's been quite a while since I've played this one in person.  Played with my gaming group online.  The BGA implementation is good.  I definitely need to go more in depth in to the rules again but I enjoyed my play of it.

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Slow week overall...

#Anachrony - played solo and recorded (https://youtu.be/q3KT6Yz830k) and reviewed the solo experience.  Great game that plays much better multiplayer imo.

#Yedo - We got through about 8 rounds with 4 players and ran out of time.  This is a very fun game given to me by a friend and unfortunately I haven't been able to geet through a full playthrough yet.

#Wingspan - lost to Becky 100 - 90.  The more I play this game the more I like it.  

#Cascadia - Both Taryn and Elijah played this one with me and knocked one game off their boardgame bingo board.  

#Air, Land, & Sea - Elijah says he likes this one and knocked this one off his bingo board.  

#Furnace - Elijah groaned when he saw this game but after he started running his engine he got excited and said he really liked it.  I think in a few years he will want to play more games.  It definitely isn't his default choice at the moment.

#A Feast for Odin - I played a couple games with friend in the local gaming community and have 2-3 games going on BGA.

#New Frontiers - Haven't pulled a win on this game yet but I really like playing this on BGA.

4 months ago

I was prevaricating over Furnace for a good few weeks, then apparently SUSD liked it and 'poof!' the remaining UK stocks disappeared.

I'm sure it will get a reprint (and I hear there is an expansion planned). I'm happy to wait. It is likely to fit a scenario I don't have covered, of a quick engine-builder.

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Well, apparently it is sold out here as well!  I didn't realize it shot up so much.  That being said, it is a great little engine builder and makes for a nice filler game.  

You get points for the use of 'prevaricating' as well.  It's been ahile since I had to Google a word.  Well done!

Premium User4 months ago

I quite like the BGA implementation on A Feast for Odin.  How did you like Cascadia?

Moderator Level 14 months ago

I like #Cascadia a good bit.  

1. Its a relatively short game.  While it seems like there are a lot of tiles, going through them is rather quick and if anything takes time its deciding on what to do with your tiles and tokens.  I would say this is a solid "filler" game and doesn't take long to play.

2. The art is gorgeous.  I can see Beth Soebel becoming a maintstay in the game industry with an accumen akin to that of Ian O'Tool.  There's a bit of a zen-like feel akin to #PARKS or #TRAILS

3. The different scoring cards for each animal type keep each game unique in its own right as there are 4 different cards for each of the five animals and each players tiles laying will be adapted as such.

4. Having played a few games, I can see that watching what other players are doing and making sure to keep tiles or tokens away from them is about as important as managing your own habitates!  What generally can feel like a multi-player solo experience takes a bit more monitoring once everyone is experienced.

5. My kids enjoyed it reasonably well.  I don't have many games they like that much.

While this doesn't rank in my top 10 it does make the list of games I don't see myself getting rid of any time soon.  I don't have a ton of filler games that are easy to get on and off the table and this one is rather nice and seems pretty accurate regarding the 30-40 minute playtime on the box. :)

Premium User4 months ago

Good analysis.  I agree with you on all points.  I think it fits a great time to fun spot.  Easy for non-gamers but has enough there to keep heavier gamers happy in the time frame.

I think it's my favourite game in that weight/time space.

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#Mean Girls: The Party Game - Played this at my meetup group while waiting for people to arrive. Pretty silly party game that was good for a few laughs and getting to know people better.

#Blue Lagoon - A friend and I played this at the meetup. At 2 this went very fast and was really high scoring. The scores after the first phase made it seem like it was going to be a blowout, but my friend was able to catch up a lot in the second phase. Pretty fun game overall that I want to try and play with more players.

#The Quest for El Dorado - Got this one to the table again with the same friend as above. I got stuck somewhere on the board with no real path out so I fell behind quite a bit from that. Still really fun and look forward to playing more.

#Notre Dame: 10th Anniversary - I keep chugging along playing games off my shelf of shame. Broke this one out with Sarah and my brother and it wasn't bad, but not one I think I necessarily have to keep. I bought it simply to get the #The Castles of Burgundy: 8th Expansion – Trade Routes that came in the box. For what it's worth, Sarah did seem to enjoy it so maybe I'll have to play a couple more times.

#Village - Not officially on my shelf of shame because I happened to play it two handed once when I first picked it up, but it was the first time I've played this with other humans lol. Interestingly, we all played different strategies and it ended up being a pretty competitive game. I think this one can stick around!

#Monikers - Last night we went to my cousin's house to play some games and get some late Christmas gifts. We introduced them to this and had an absolute blast. Always a favorite for us.

#Wingspan - My cousin's wife actually requested we bring this with us which is always exciting. We almost didn't play, but Sarah was very eager to get it to the table. Took a bit longer than I would like, but we had a good time!

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Becky makes fun of me for taking too long to take turns...but I am fairly confident, that when we play #Wingspan she takes about three times longer to take her turns than I do.  Which is probably why she beats me most of the time!

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Our problem was despite my cousins asking to play, they hadn't played in some time and aren't exactly board gamers. Let's just say they were too intimidated to play #Ticket to Ride for about a year after they were gifted it...

Moderator Level 14 months ago

That's hilarious!

Premium User4 months ago

If you got really stuck in the Quest for El Dorado I expect you went somewhere that you needed a lot of one card and hadn't planned for it?  That can really ding you. :)

Village is one of my favourites.  I have both expansions for it as well.  It's not the best or tightest game ever but we end up getting some chuckles in it.  "Old Uncle Bob finally made it in to the church only to die the next year.  At least he gets buried in the church graves." Heh heh heh

Moderator Level 14 months ago

Yeah it was definitely a case of poor planning lol. And I ALMOST got the Village expansions myself at a con I went to, but was too late to the booth that was selling them. A guy who got there just before me had them in his hand. Sad times really lol

Premium User4 months ago

I would recommend the port one before the inn one although they are both pretty good.

4 months ago

Well after nearly 2 years not gaming, I managed to not only get back to my local games group, but also get in an additional session on Saturday

At the games group we had a few new members, so I took along a selection  of lighter games. Of those, #Flamme Rouge got picked to play as a 5 player game (I have #Flamme Rouge: Peloton as well), and it was enjoyed enough we played a 2nd game of it. Afterwards we fitted in a game of a small (~200 copies) kickstarter, that was a nice closer with the 3 of us that stayed on to play it. I can't recall the name, but an abstract hexagonal tile laying game that was enjoyable (though not the sort of game I tend to buy - I'm not excited by abstracts). 

Great to get back into it, and also great to see new members joining. We'll do a little more of a push once the current Covid peak subsides.

So onto Saturday. One of the group had just received #Nemesis Lockdown and he, two of his friends and myself descended on a local gaming venue to play it. We actually got two games in, calling the 1st one early as one player had been delayed getting there. Indeed we also called the latter one early (see later).

I like Awaken Realms. They are innovative, not simply regurgitating games / game mechanics under a tweaked theme or IP. This can then be a balance of a game offering something truly different and the challenges that can come with this, of foibles or even design flaws.

Personally, I'm happy with this trade off, and I've likened them to the winery Chateau Musar from Bekaa Valley, Lebanon. That winery has made wines through civil war and other conflicts, only missing (IIRC) two vintages. The wines are known for their flaws (volatile acidity especially, which can remind of nail varnish remover). Yet the wines are also long-lived, complex and remarkably cheap in delivering that. I've enjoyed their wines since the late 1980s. 

So what are the flaws in Nemesis Lockdown?

- I didn't read it thoroughly, but the owner struggled with the rulebook, albeit he did applaud the addition of player aids vs. the original game which didn't have them.

- Setup and putaway was pretty long, and not helped by the mini trays being very tight fits and of designs tailored for each different design of that type (adult, breeder etc.). Those that paint will no doubt curse this storage.

- More significantly, we had a scenario in the 2nd game, where 1 player character had died, 1 was safely locked in the Isolation chamber and also thus out of the game hoping for victory. Likewise another player was awaiting the result of the CSS tile reveal, and it would be successful, also putting him out of the game awaiting possible victory. That just left 1 player in the game (me FWIW)  who managed to stop the auto-destruct sequence. Thus we'd have a single player active in the game, with the other 3 twiddling their thumbs waiting for that player to die or themselves get safe. We agreed to instead call the game as if they didn't stop the auto-destruct.

That latter scenario I would absolutely accept as being a design flaw. Yet it still told a story, and we were able to make a sensible decision to call the game at that point. As a design, I think #Lifeform handles this way better, with eliminated players being able to play a limited role via the 'Sister' mainframe or the ship's cat. Despite this flaw, does Nemesis Lockdown allow players to enact memorable stories? Absolutely it does. It's about weighing the flaws up against what makes it special, and if the end result is positive, then it's a good game... and IMO it's a good game



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Welcome back to gaming!