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So, first, I am new to posting a video online, new to having a channel, and new to trying to use the one phone I have to work with to try and create something semi-interesting for others.  Mostly this is an experimental endeavor. 

The first few seconds of my video got chopped off so there's very little intro save the title....sorry about that.  I thought I'd post a random smattering of interesting board game thoughts using the games I have on hand.  My goal is short videos that hit on anything interesting that pops into my head or anything a friend asks about.  Possibly game comparisons when possible if there's interest.  

Here's to trying something new...

This is my first video posted  (Top 10 favorite Scythe Encounter Cards)

Unraveled Gaming Thoughts (channel name)

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Added a couple more videos...still working out kinks...

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Good luck. Looking forward to watching it when I get back to wifi.