Thursday night board gaming in Kansas City area.


When we meet, we have a signup sheet for the raffle of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “held at the end of each season it goes like this:

It will cost you $1.00 to play in the “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “each Thursday night you are there to play in the club, one entry for the $1.00. There is a signup sheet for keeping track of your entries into the raffle drawing, and the end of the season. You get one entry point for just showing up and playing board games with other club members. You get a ¼ point entry for each opponent you beat when you win a game, times by the number of hours it took to play the game, rounded up to the nearest hour you played, and game named. When all those dollars add up to $50.00+, the season ends, and we have the drawing for the store credit of $50.00+. We also award the Wil Whea9en Award for the most winning points this season of “THE GAME CAFÉ $1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB “. Other players that do not want to pay the $1.00, you can play games for free in the other game room, but not with club members.

January 13, 2022

This was 2nd week and the first week in 2022 of Season 50.

We had 7 players show up to play board games at the “$1.00 BOARD GAMING CLUB” on this Thursday night gaming on two tables.  We would like to welcome new players on any Thursday night any time.  Joshua and Peter showed up after a long hiatus, GOOD to see you guys again.

On table one

We started a four-player game of “ANNO 1800” that was won by Robert.

We then went on to play a three-player game of “DUNE Imperium” won by Mike.  Wait what! Mike won a game after 3 months. HE IS BACK.

On table two

They played a four-player game of “Star Wars Outer Rim” won by Aaron.

They went on to play a four-player game of “Wingspan” won by Mike (taking over for William) by one points with two players tying for 2nd behind him.

The third race of “Formula-D” will be on January 20, 2022.

FORMUAL-D 3rd race with starting positions and points. New players will start in positions 1-4.


                                            POSTION       POSITION        THIS RACE        POINTS        POINTS                                                                                                                                                 TOTAL

                                               3rd race          2nd race         2nd race               so far               so far

1) _______________            ______          ______              ____          +     _____    =        _____


2) _______________            ______           ______              ____         +    _____     =        _____                    

3)  _______________           ______            ______              _____       +      _____    =      ______ 


4) ______________             ______             ______              _____        +     ______   =     _______


5) William McKelvey_          __1___             __3___              __6__        +     __0___   =     __6____


6) Mike George_____           _ROLL_            __4___              ___5__       +     __4___   =     __9___       


7)  Aaron Pattrick___            _ROLL_            ___5__               ___4__      +      __5___   =   __9___         


8) Todd Fenske ____              _ROLL_            ___6__               ___3__      +      __6__     = ___9__       

9) Katt Slee_______               __5___            ___2___              __8___     +    ___8__     = __16__        

10) Tom Bumgardner_          __6____           ___1___              __10__      +    __10__    = __20__                                                                                                     

The night belongs to Robert, Aaron, and Mike each winning a game or two.

The players that got their but kicked were William, Tom, Joshua, and Peter.  The losers get to pick the first games they want to play next Thursday night.


On the 20th of January, Mike will bring “Formula-D”. This will be the third race of a seven-race season. The races will take place on the 3rd Thursday of every month, starting at 7PM. Points will be rewarded as fallows, 1st place 10 points, 2nd place 8 points, 3rd place 6 points, 4th place 5 points, 5th place 4 points, 6th place 3 points, 7th place 2 points, 8th place 1 point, 9th and 10th place will receive 0 points.

You will get to design your car and name you Drivers.  Mike is naming his driver Brandon.  Let’s go Brandon. Also, a Trophy will be awarded to the player with the most points at the end of the 7th race.

Now for the 2nd week of Season 50 running for the Wil Wheaton Award, Aaron holds on to first with 11.75 points, Mike jumps into 2nd with 3.75 points and Robert falls back to 3rd with 3 points.  Wait, what?  Mike is on the winners list!   

I know some of you guys read this dripple. I would like to know your thoughts of the games you played, your likes, and dislikes, what you would like to change about playing games of Thursday nights. What kind of tournaments would you like to see played, etc. This paragraph will stay in weekly until I get a lot more responses, from the players here, please.

On the January 20, 2022

Gaming starts at 5PM.

Bring in games you want to play. Other than that, ask on this thread about a game you would like to play but do not have, or want to learn, let us know on the form, and if anybody has it, and most likely willing to teach you. We are a good friendly, family none woke board gaming group of players, that are 1776ers, that think CRT should be and elective taught in college. Hope to see you all there at the:

Game Café
107 West Lexington
Independence, MO. 64050

Play is from 5pm to 11pm.

Tom Bumgardner

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