Looking For a New Game for All Skill Levels. Any Recommendations?

Ok yáll. I'm a board game novice trying to find a good 3-6 player game to play (besides Catan, Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, and Codenames). Any ideas?

(The more challenging the game, the better)

(But also easy enough to teach myself the basics)

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27 months ago

I would love to give you some recommendations.  Do you have other games you like that I can base it off of?  Just going off of 3-6 player games here are some recommendations:

  1. Power Grid (Mid-Heavy Euro game)  Easy to pick up once you get the idea of the game.
  2. King of Tokyo (Light dice game)  Its like playing thematic Yahtzee, but my copy has a lot of mileage. 
  3. Get Bit! (Light card game) I use this as filler, but its got a great theme and is easy to learn.
  4. Camel Up (Light betting game) This game is great for playing with younger/newer players.
  5. Eclipse Board Game (Heavy resource management game) This is a great game, definitely a challenge but worth it.

All of these are great games and can play from 3-6.  These games are all in my collection and will hit the table on a regular basis (except maybe eclipse cause it is harder to find the right group).  Let us know what you end up going with!

Good luck!

27 months ago

I think the main goal is a good lively game that will get the people I'm playing with to be just the right amount of competitive! Codenames is one we play pretty often and we're also fans of Avalon. But if we could find a board game that has the same vibe as card games like Mafia or RPGs like D&D that would be awesome.

26 months ago

Okay, based on that I have 2 more recommendations for you.

  1. Lords of Waterdeep - This is a game based in the D&D world that is a competitive worker placement game.  One thing to note is that this only plays 2-5 players instead of going up to 6.  If you do end up enjoying this, consider getting the expansion, Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, it fixes and re-balances some of the minor issues the base game has.
  2. Shadows Over Camelot - This is a cooperative game, but you get competitiveness by adding in a traitor mechanic.  With the traitor mechanic you get some of the same bluffing vibe that you get from a game like Mafia or Avalon.  My only complaint with game is that while the theme is great, the way you go on missions in this game are by collecting card sets of numbers.  So in order to fight the Saxons, you need a 1-5 straight instead of something in theme.  Still a great game though.

Hope that helps! 

26 months ago

I forgot to mention.  Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, increases the player count from a max of 5 to a max of 6.  So that might still be a good option for you.

26 months ago

Yes! Thank you. Currently playing D&D so Lords of Waterdeep sounds awesome.

Premium User26 months ago

I had thought of Lords of Waterdeep. It can get a bit slow with 6 players. I suggest you play without the variant for the 'longer' game (one more meeple for everyone).

Owner27 months ago

I'd recommend Dominion 2nd Edition. It's a great game to dive into for any player type but has a lot of strategy and replay-ability.

Some others I'd recommend are 

27 months ago

My recommendation would be Scythe. And be sure to check out the Watch It Played How To Play Video; it's fantastic!

27 months ago

Thank you!This game is definitely on my wishlist and will probably be bought soon (:

27 months ago

When was the last time you did a jigsaw puzzle? If you have a card table or enough open space consider a 2,000 piece or more puzzle to have out and work on in your spare time. We usually get one out on a table at my dad's house and sometimes other places and its real nice to spend a few minutes on. Most of the time at least one other person will join in and you can catch up for a few minutes.

26 months ago

Jigsaw puzzles are great! I never thought about that as an option, but would be fun.

26 months ago

They are fun and relaxing as you can do however much you want to at any time. As long as you don't need the space you can take weeks to finish it.

Premium User27 months ago

My favorite game is 7 Wonders. It scales perfectly from 3-7 players and the play time is virtually the same no matter how many play. It is a bit of a challenge to learn the iconography, but it is so worth it. The game gains a lot of strategy, without much time, by adding the 7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion. Which is the one I would suggest of all of them.

The six player count is harder to get to with most games. Power Grid and Scythe are both good suggestions that were offered that play to that count and are on the more complicated side.

Although all lighter, I would also offer JamaicaColt Express, and Dixit, as options. They are all very different from each other, but great games at that player count.

27 months ago

Thank for all the options!7 Wonders is also one I've been wanting to try out.  

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