Meeples for Weather Machine, Upcoming Game from Vital Lacerda


This was shared on Twitter by Vital Lacerda, who will be coming out with his new game called Weather Machine. I like these even more than the meeples from On Mars!

For those who aren't familiar with this news, here's a copy of the designer's descriptions about the game:

Natural disasters will quickly be a thing of the past." Those were the thoughts of Professor Sêni Lativ, meteorologist and chief of project of the weather department in Lightning Technologies after the latest test with his newest invention — the weather machine. He can see how controlling the weather will change the world.

In Weather Machine, players are scientists working with the professor Lativ, the inventor of the Weather Machine on Lighting Technologies company. They are using the new invention to make experiments with the weather, by producing different types of weather in small zones like countrysides, sport events, energy fields and resorts.

But this prototype has a glitch, and by analysing the data the scientists discover that every time an experiment is completed a change of weather happens in another part of the world. The butterfly effect.
So the climate is at risk of becoming extreme..... Now solutions to fix it become more challenging. Studies on all 3 main areas must be made, and a new prototype Machine is needed to solve it. Fortunately the company was able to get the help of the government in exchange for building a new machine they will subsidize the scientists' work.

To run Lativ’s prototype and to research and build a new one for the government, Bots and Chemicals must be acquired, so hiring a supply company will make it easy to get everything needed to keep the work forward.

But Scientists are always under preassure by a small timing window.
The company expects players to be efficient with their time. There are many problems to solve and players must focus at global problems facing the world before they become extreme.
The best scientist to succeed will win this race.

The game is set in a steampunk alternative universe. Weather Machine is a resource-management-based game to manipulate the weather using the machine, feed its needs, and achieve goals. Mechanisms in the game range from action selection and worker placement to hand management. Players will try to hone the machine to complete their contracts, while at the same time increasing their power in business and climbing the stairs of their companies.

Players choose two actions each, and once all of them are chosen, the actions resolve one after another. The action selection is based on the quadrel created in Vinhos, and the actions are:

1. Sell/buy resources
2. Feed machine
3. Buy warehouse extensions
4. Get a subsidy
5. Build a bot
6. Research
7. Build governament Machine
8. Publish papers
9. Run a prototype
10. Exchange machine parts.

Whoever ends up with most points wins.


What's your interest level on this game? Personally, I find this theme the most fun out of all of his games, while the runner-up would be Lisboa.

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Premium User5 months ago

I think the theme is quite interesting.  I'll have to see the gameplay to judge interest.  I love #The Gallerist but haven't decided if I would really enjoy #On Mars as it seems a little more disjointed (thought the game looks impressive.

Owner5 months ago

I'd seriously feel overwhelmed if I owned On Mars... lol. It looks beyond my capacity :D

Supporter5 months ago

I don't know a single thing about this game.  But you know I'm a sucker for Meeples and these are awesome.  I mean at this point I don't think I'm going to look too much at other games since I reached my purchase limit for 2021 already but maybe someday down the line.

Owner5 months ago

Wait, you have two accounts here now? xD

I like the theme of this game. Those meeples would be appropriate for a time travel themed game too. I've been interested in that theme and wish Anachrony looked a little more approachable

Supporter5 months ago

Haha no, Trent very graciously allowed me to change my user name.  When I originally signed up about 2 years ago I wanted to just sign up quick thinking I could change it later.  Slapsgiving14 is my user name on most sites and I wanted to keep it that way.

Owner5 months ago

Wow. Those meeples...

Owner5 months ago

Right? I love those little minions. I wish I could retheme some of my games to something more refreshing like this

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