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If Board Game Atlas were to have a series of stretch goals based on hitting important milestones along the way (social media/YouTube following, number of users on BGA, number of contributions in the community, etc) what sort of unlockables would you love to see?

For example:

  • MORE GIVEAWAYS (maybe getting into some rare, hard to find games voted on by everyone?)
  • Us buying a bunch of games based on your request for us to do reviews/playthroughs/some kind of content?
  • Mobile app
  • Marketplace for users
  • Etc.

I'll stop myself from listing more because I want to hear your ideas! I'm hoping that this would become a form of accountability and making it a process that will encourage participation and all of us working together to continue building up this community. And if anything, I think it'll make it more fun to see the upcoming features/goals that will get unlocked :)

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Supporter3 months ago

I'm with the general consensus that you are already doing tons of  GAW and that you probably don't need to do more. Unless you desperately want to or something. 

An app would be amazing but I can imagine that being a huge project.

Marketplace would be cool but again that might not be something that we need immediately as the community is still growing. 

I really enjoyed playing Welcome to with you guys waaay back and it would be fun to do more events like that.

More interviews and more articles would always be great.

Unfortunately I am not the greatest at coming up with ideas like this...

Supporter3 months ago

I agree, but I'll never complain about more free stuff, haha!

Supporter3 months ago

Yes! Events involving the community is always welcome (especially gaming together... I mean, it's fun to talk games but it'd be great to actually play them together too haha)

As for the milestones, apps and marketplace are large in scope, but in the end, it just means a 1-2 weeks of work for Trent. It's more a matter of knowing what to prioritize and currently, we've been focusing on nailing down on "quality of life" changes for each of our existing features. I'm hoping that coming up with these "stretch goals" will help us know just how much of a demand there is from our community for each of the features and for it to serve as a drive for us to make it happen faster.

Supporter3 months ago

I don't think that anybody would complain about more GAW's, but, you already do a lot, and I don't know that you need to do more. I guess you could do a really big, one time GAW, maybe of multiple games to multiple targets.

I really really want an app. But, the fact that an app has, to a certain attempt been promised, it could seem a little low to now promise it as stretch goal. It wouldn't have to be a problem, but I imagine that it could be.

I like your second suggestion.

Marketplace. Yes, I want one. I don't think that it will be used much until the communitiy is larger. However, it would be good to get one implemented and the kinks worked out before it is used much.

I think purchasable badges would/could be nice. 


Supporter3 months ago

Right, the idea of the stretch goal would be more of a way for us to (1) see what everyone's interests are and (2) show us how much of a priority we should give to each of them. So while the mobile app and marketplace are already in queue for this year, the level of push from the community for them could make it happen in a month from now, or two months, or at the end of the year,etc

Supporter3 months ago


3 months ago

I would love to see some more focused features on a specific game, kind of like what you did with Fort. So maybe find a game with some promise (maybe before it is even released) and get in touch with the designer/publisher. Have some interviews, play throughs, reviews and community discussions about aspects of the game. I think it would be really cool to follow a game through the progress of being made and then dig into what makes it great.

Within this it would also be very positive to try to actively seek out deisgners who are persons of colour and or any other underrepresented group and really bring a spotlight onto the undoubtedly awesome work thy are doing. I would obviously love to see that happen regardless of stretch goals and be incorporated into all aspects of the site as to limit it to a 'stretch goal' would be highly offensive. But just that if you were to embark on a project like that it would be both a really good way to lift up voices/talent that probably go unheard/unseen in the hobby and also a cool way to set a precedent and make a statement as you grow this community: I am just imagining how potentially positive and empowering it might be for someone new to the hobby/site that one of the first things they see of the community/BGA to see it actively engaging and highlighting someone with whom they can maybe identify with more.

Supporter3 months ago

Just wanted to say that I like all of your ideas. We're always wanting to make every part about BGA as welcoming as possible, from our approach to content creation to making the user experience an accessible one that doesn't assume years of expertise in the hobby. I also enjoyed the kind of approach we took with Fort (and we actually have a livestream coming for the game too!)

3 months ago

Yeah, something like the Fort coverage for a fairly unknown designer could be a huge leg-up in the hobby for them. For the record I think BGA is really accessible and easy to navigate. I can't really comment on how welcoming it is for a someone who doesn't have literally every privillege going for them like I do, but I felt very welcome right from the start

3 months ago

I mean more giveaways would be awesome, but you guys do a ton already!

Outof the ideas you listed, a marketplace is something I'd love to see, preferably with location filters. You can't do that ON BGG and it's frustrating.

I'll have to sleep on it to see if I come up with ideas of my own!

Supporter3 months ago

Yes! Trent's been frustrated by the experience before and wants to come up with a convenient process.

It's a wild idea but maybe even something like an all-expenses paid trip for a user (or someone from the industry) to come hang out with us for a playthrough. marathon video, or other type of content haha

And this might be a separate thing but I thought it could be cool if everyone here can vote on games they'd like us to review/playthrough so that we can get to one each month or something.

3 months ago

Oh wow, that could be really fun! Or once conventions start happening again, maybe go hang out with you guys at a convention (if you plan to go to any).

The voting is a good idea as well!

3 months ago

On this note, maybe a small BGA convention when things are safer? I'm not sure how many people would be able to make it, but I would try.

Supporter3 months ago

First. you guys are doing so good!  Also, I'd love a Mobile App for sure.

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