Check out the Oros Kickstarter!


Oros just launched on Kickstarter, and is worth checking out. It's a unique mix of worker placement, action selection, and tile placement/manipulation.

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Premium User6 days ago

Just when I didn't need to back another game...LOL

12 hours ago

The creator is very involved and responsive in the campaign comments, he's running an excellent campaign, all the more reason to check it out if you haven't yet!

3 days ago

We've now learned the collectors edition is going to be a Kickstarter exclusive!

4 days ago

They are adding hidden thematic backer ideas to the art, get over to the campaign comments and offer up your ideas!

4 days ago

Gameplay centers around smashing tiles together in a simulation of plate tectonics. Oros means mountain, and an orogeny is a mountain building period, so the game is oozing theme with an innovatove globe map,  volcanoes, and hot spots.

You are a demigod that can influence plate tectonics to build mountain sites where your followers can build temples. Building mountains with temples is one key way how you score points. The other is by improving your powers on your own playerboard (which is quite large)

5 days ago

It seems like the collectors edition will be a nice very deluxe feeling game, especially by the end of the campaign. Wood pieces for most components (hopefully all before the end). Upcoming Double layer player boards are already known to be a future collectors edition stretch goal. Also has a.nice storage system.

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