Top Five Board Games Fit for Film


This is a list of the top games that I think would be awesome to have a movie made about their storyline/theme. What games do you think would make good movies?

5.#Gloomhaven. We follow a mercenary band as they navigate through the storyline of the game. This would definitely be more of a serialized show with each episode covering a different story beat. Loads of cool fantasy combat, major perils, and perhaps a mature rating. It could work! Plus you could have characters retire and new ones join when we start to get board of them. The personal quest system could really add some intrigue to the show.

4.#Mage Knight. We follow a character who we aren't sure if they are good or evil on their journey to confront and defeat The Lost Legion. This could be another one that's turned into a show instead of a single film. Along the way we recruit new characters into our army, use powerful magic, burn down a monastery (or two) and evoke subtle moral philosophical debate. I could see this as something like The Witcher but different.


3.#Scythe. Earns its place on this list due to how amazing this art and universe are, which would make for a really amazing setting for a film. Perhaps the storyline could follow the#Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign? That would make for a really epic movie. Sign me up!

2.#Root. War. War Never Changes. This would be a really cool setting for an animated movie, something along the lines of the Redwall animated series but with a different storyline. Perhaps tell it from the perspective of the vagabond? Or something else? The world is amazing and I'm sure we could come up with something really great.

1.#Star Wars: Rebellion. An intergalactic space war with planet destroying stations, plucky Rebel heroes, and really cool space ships?! It's like this game was made for the silver screen. A saga that spans more than 9 films would be perfect for this one. Sign me up!


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3 months ago - appears to be Scythe the video game perhaps?  

I'd love to see Scythe in film.  Gloomhaven is a freebie as has pointed out...I totally agree with the selection :)

#Everdell?  Seems like an easy transition. #Tapestry has arguably been done already with Game of Thrones. #Heaven & Ale could hold some value but honestly #Spirit Island would make for a fantastic cinema experience :)

Supporter3 months ago

Your number 1 seems like a freebie..... LOL

Supporter3 months ago

Lol. Nothing says we can't be silly in these lists too.

Supporter3 months ago

That is true. 

3 months ago

Lol at #1. Although personally I'm happy with the saga that spanned 3 films...

Supporter3 months ago

There are definitely some cool bits from the other 6. And honestly the prequels are a lot better now then I used to think. It helps having years of lore building fleshing out the context of the prequels. Thanks Clone Wars and all the books that have come out!

3 months ago

Yeah actually I'm kind of there as well. The prequels have a lot of flaws but some really cool ideas and scenes, and Clone Wars was awesome. Rebels was pretty good too. Mandalorian is cool - good not great, in my opinion.

Supporter3 months ago

I'm really excited for season 2 of the mandalorian. Rebels is flat out incredible.

3 months ago

Did you see that they're making a spin off show for the Bad Batch? That could be fun

Supporter3 months ago

Yes, that looks awesome 

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