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Pax Pamir 2E finally in top 100 on BGG.


The title says it all. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) has finally hit the top 100 on BGG. It has been in the top 100 here on BGA and on Reddit for quite some time. I am happy to see that it is finally in the top 100 on all three sites. I believe it is truly worthy of that honor.

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Owner36 days ago

It's available for EU + International shipping now on wehlregig. Glad to see it getting into more gamers' hands :)

I really need to get around to soloing it again after playing the recent additions. I wonder how far it'll go up in their rankings. For ours, I'm sure we can manage even better than #79. After all, look what we did to #Root 😆

Supporter36 days ago

I think too that it has a lot of room to rise here on BGA.

Supporter36 days ago

Nice 👍🏼 

I forgot about BGG

Supporter36 days ago

Me too. Lol. 

Premium User36 days ago

I don't even know what BGG is anymore.

36 days ago

Fully deserved. It's quickly becoming (may have become) my favorite game. I'm already at 11 plays and I've only had it for three weeks! Love it!

Supporter36 days ago

I was really happy to see it climb like that. I think that will get it in even more people's eyes. 

Supporter36 days ago

Hope I have a chance to play it one day 

Supporter36 days ago

I hope so too. 

36 days ago

VERY deserving 

37 days ago

It left a strong impression on me after my one play and has remained in my thoughts ever since (though it helps that everyone else keeps talking about it too). I remember struggling to keep the entire decision space in my mind because everything is so interwoven and consequential, so I definitely want to try it at least a few more times and get a better idea of how everything flows.

Supporter36 days ago

Pretty much how I feel about it. 

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