Frutticola: Produce the Tastiest Jams and Make the Most Profit

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In the '50s, a small town in the US was famous for its fruit-bearing trees. Local companies competed to produce jams that kept getting tastier. Each year they would compare their profits to see who had made the best jam and run the most efficient business. 

This brings back memories of my grandmother in the kitchen in her handmade apron, cooking fruit grown in her garden. She used to add tomatoes to her strawberry jam as a way to make it stretch further. Even though many fruits and vegetables would only be around for a few short weeks, we could enjoy the flavors year-round because of her canning and preserves. Now you can be the one to create delicious jams with a new game from Giovanni Fiore and Virginio Gigli.

Frutticola is a worker placement game where the players lead small family businesses specialized in growing and selling fruits and jams. You must plan when to send farmers to the fields, when to buy pesticides, fertilizers, and other items, and when to produce jams and sell them at the market.

A standard copy and all unlocked stretch goals is available for €33 (about $36), and a Deluxe Edition with the Initial Resources expansion, 144 fruits and jams miniatures, and all unlocked stretch goals is €42 (about $46). Check out the campaign before it ends on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

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About Frutticola

Frutticola is a game for 2-4 players that lasts about 60 minutes. It is divided into 4 rounds (the 4 seasons). 

At the beginning of the game, every player receives 5 action cards, and plays one per round. Action cards show the number and what kind of employees will be used in the round, the turn order, and the special power available. Then players take turns sending their employees to take actions.


There are 6 action spaces available:

  • the Town Store - where useful development tiles can be bought
  • the Orchard - where fruits can be harvested
  • the Chemical Plant - where pesticides and fertilizers can be bought
  • the Factory - where fruits are turned into jams
  • the Market - where jams and crates of fruit can be sold
  • the House- where you can hire apprentices

At the end of the last round, there is a final chance to sell at the Christmas sale, and players may sell surplus stock. The player with the most profit wins the game.


Fruitticola comes with a billboard, 7 interlocking trees, a board, 4 warehouse tiles, 28 meeples in 5 colors, 32 development tiles, 42 jams in 6 colors, 74 fruits in 6 colors, 12 objectives, 28 action cards, 4 apprentices, 15 fertilizers, 15 pesticides, 80 banknotes, and a rulebook. 

The Deluxe Edition includes 144 upgraded pieces: 

  • 74 fruits miniatures (apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, lemons, and oranges),
  • 42 jars of jam (6 different kinds), and 
  • 28 custom meeples.

It also features the Initial Resources expansion, which has 20 additional cards. 

Prototype with 3D components

More on Kickstarter

There are links to Tabletopia and the beta rulebook, great videos, and information on the unlocked expansions, so be sure to check out the Kickstarter before it ends on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

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