Game-changing games?


Which games do you find compelling because of their unique mechanics? I always thought Diplomacy fell into that category, particularly because of its age.

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19 months ago

My first response would be chess. Theres a reason it's survived as a game for so long. same with backgammon!

As for modern games, i think Scythe does a lot to make the game seem asynchronous when you all have similar boards. that does wonders for keeping gameplays unique. Anachrony is often talked about as being groundbreaking because of its mechanics, but i'm not sure either of these will change the industry.

It's kind of like the video game: Middle earth: shadow of mordor. Everyone agrees the dynamic enemy system is great and keeps the game super fresh... but what surprised everyone is nobody else started doing that. it was ground breaking but not game changing.

A lot of games nowadays, I'd say, are ground breaking: not game changing. give it half a decade and people will refine some superb concepts and then those ground broken concepts will become Game changing.

Supporter19 months ago

I really like the how the start of combat is done in Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. Choosing a ring based on its bonus and indicating the type of fight is so interesting.

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