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17 months ago

Lost cities - a fast card game for two, in which players need to create new routes using maps for expeditions to deserts, mountains, forests, volcanoes and the underwater world. Lost Cities is a very simple and fast game that takes place in 1 or 3 rounds until the card deck is completely empty.

The Lost Cities is a very simple and fast game, and I like this game, even though it does not have deep meaning and maneuvers for various strategies. The most interesting thing in this game is the excitement and the use of new cards, although sometimes it is useful to pick up the old and useless cards.

Supporter17 months ago

Lost cities is a very good game. If you like the mechanics, you may enjoy Arboretum. It has similar strategies, but can play up to four players. I wouldn't suggest the deluxe version. All of the cards are shiny and it is a bit overwhelming on the eyes.