Board games like Among Us?


My friends have been playing Among Us night after night. I haven't joined in yet but I did watch a few YouTube videos to get an idea of what it's about. And it looks like a lot of fun! With elements of murder mystery, deduction, hidden traitor, I can see why it's been booming in popularity.

So with that said, what are some board games that best create the same vibe on a game night? Also, how do you feel about hidden traitor games? Are you good at it? Or does your smile start twitching like mine lol

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Premium User8 months ago

I haven't played Among Us either, but based on the description..I think #Saboteur sounds pretty similar. Other social deduction games I've played that I enjoyed... #Secret Hitler, #The Resistance: Avalon, #Werewords Deluxe Edition, and #A Fake Artist Goes to New York

8 months ago

I think this shows that so much people are really down for the experience and may not know the similar fun board games have to offer. 

I also have many around me (gf for one) that can't do with the stress of straight lying to someone next to them. Because of this games like #Skull and #A Fake Artist Goes to New York have been easier to get to the table. Another one I enjoy is #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong as it gives players clues to go off rather than constructing a lie from the ground up. 

A lot of similar Among Us feels can be found in #Secret Hitler , #Hail Hydra and #The Resistance: Avalon among many others too. 

Premium User8 months ago

I think the obvious is #Ultimate Werewolf and anything in the #Werewolf family.

I personally hate hidden traitor games. I hate lying/bluffing in games. I'm not good at it, and I just stressed out, haha. I felt the same way playing #Coup and #The Chameleon, which are not hidden traitor games, but straight bluffing games. It's part of the reason I don't like poker either.

Bluffing through actions on a board or by the cards I'm playing is a different story, but if there's a social aspect to the bluffing, I am out, haha.

Owner8 months ago

Some of the games that aren't necessarily about a hidden traitor but at least give me the same feeling of trying to decieve are #Coup, #Poker, #Skull, and #Sheriff of Nottingham. They each give me that same adrenaline when I'm trying to make something work and need others to be convinced of it too!

So much fun.

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