Getting in on the weekly challenge


Too late?  Maybe!  Below is my list!

Mechs vs Minions, it just looks so cool

Really excited to eventually get my AltarQuest, but that is less a wish list since I already bought it.

Other wise just got a hankering for the Root digital!

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15 months ago

That is a very nice and conscise list. Is there something stopping you picking up #Mechs vs. Minions?

Partner15 months ago

mostly because then i would feel bad for not playing it!  I have such a big stack of review copies to work through, then some kickstarters coming  It would just sit on my shelf and mock me.  But one day



15 months ago

That's fair, the cold hard judgement of an unplayed game is no small thing :D

Premium User15 months ago

Mechs vs Minions has incredible production value for the price. I ended up buying it even though another person in my group already had it because it is just amazing. Make sure you get it straight from Riot.  Don’t give those scalpers a premium. 

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