Sleeping Gods – Atlas Filled With Adventures

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Pairing board games with books is not new. Especially recently, when we’re having tons of text heavy adventure games, that require you to read certain passages or scenario introductions. 

Sleeping Gods, an adventure game by Ryan Laukat shows that you can still do some creatives things with the idea. The game replaces the good old board with… an atlas filled with maps. There’s also a proper storybook included, so you have to use both on your travels. The campaign has launched last Tuesday and is already close to reaching $500.000.

One-man Band

The multitalented Ryan Laukat is famous for designing his games, decorating them with his own illustrations and publishing them. You may recognize the guy from Eight Minute Empire, The Ancient World, Above and Below or Near and Far. Ryan’s style is pretty recognizable. He draws amazing landscapes and uses lots of pastel, lively colours. When it comes to storytelling: Sleeping Gods is not his first game, where he focuses on it so much. Above and Below for example had players read parts of narration while exploring endless underground caverns.


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