What keeps you from telling your friends about Board Game Atlas?


I want to continually work on improving features and adding the right ones to make this site a mainstay in the board gaming community. What's holding you back from talking to your friends and sharing links from it?

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19 months ago

What are these friends you speak of? Seriously though I think I've brought it up to everyone I know.

19 months ago

i dont have many friends interested in board games. nothing going wrong here! i love this site

19 months ago

I think this is it for me too... I am the "Board game guy" with my friends, and none of them are active on sites like this or BGG because they come to me and expect me to have the games to play.  

They like playing, but its not so much a hobby for them as it is for me.  

Premium User19 months ago

Nothing. I've shared it. :)

I would like to see the community grow and also see used games being sold by members.

Premium User19 months ago

Nothing keeps me from it.  I tell my group about it all the time!