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Do you find "Ameritrash" an offensive term?


Ameritrash is a common term for games that tend to prefer theme over mechanics. 

The term comes from a time when Euro games came principally from Europe. These tended to be very heavy on mechanisms, but often at the expense of theme. On the contrary American games tended to focus on creating an thematic experience, perhaps at the expense of mechanical excellence. 

Obviously the word "trash" forms part of the word Ameritrash. For this reason many other Ameri____ have been used as well. Americlash, Ameritrash, and Amerismash are all terms I have seen used in place of Ameritrash.

Others, finding the term Ameritrash problematic, have used terms like Thematic, American style, or other terms to describe this style of game.

I, personally, don't mind the term Ameritrash. I realize that this might put me at odds with the PC culture in which we live. However, I do believe that language, and English more than most, is an inherently fluid medium. Meaning is formed by culture, and isn't necessarily inherent in the word. I believe that the term Ameritrash may have started as a term of denigration. But I believe that it has come to signify a thematic game. Euro game used to be a game that came from Europe, probably Germany, now it has changed to mean a game that has a emphasis on smooth and compelling mechanics. So, considering this, I like the term Ameritrash for what it has come to mean, while at the same showing a bit of the disconnect there has been in the gaming community, even in our lifetimes.

 So, argue with me!! Tell me why I'm wrong, am happy to consider that. Or tell me that you agree with me. Or tell me you don't care...


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4 months ago

I aint going to change it.

After hearing, reading and writing it so many times, "Eurogames" and "Ameritrash" became such specific labels that the word part "trash" lost its meaning in that particular word


4 months ago

I have heard this term before but I have never really been able to associate it with a specific game. Do you have any examples?

As far as taking offense to it? Nah, I think of Americans as pretty scrappy so feels fitting!

Supporter4 months ago

You won't get an argument from me.  I think it's a fine term, and changing it would cause confusion for me.  I also am not one to get my feelings hurt, almost ever.  

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