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What's the (physically) heaviest game in your collection?


Seeing some of your collections this week made me think of these questions:

  1. What's the physically heaviest game in your collection? Does it actually deliver on the amount of gameplay content/quality offered? or is it more of a bloat?
  2. What's the most dense/compact game in your collection, where it may not offer the kind of scale and grandeur of the first type, but still offers great gameplay depth/complexity/replay value while coming in a smaller box?
  3. Lastly, which do you like more (#1 or #2) and why?

I started weighing my games with my hand just to answer question #2 haha. Here are my answers:

  1. Physically heaviest game is #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion at 6.39 lbs (according to Amazon). The weight was something that I immediately noticed when I picked up the game at Target. Based on my first impressions after playing through the first scenario, I'd say the weight is more than fitting for the amount of content it offers. The most "bloated" box I own is #Tapestry, just because of the miniatures. I still enjoy the game though.
  2. This one was hard to tell easily, but I think it's #Pax Pamir (Second Edition). It's such a beautiful, compact box where you can feel the nice weight in your hands. The game has so many neat mechanics at play and I've been wanting to get another solo session in soon. And that doesn't happen all that often.
  3. With our two year old around, accessibility is a huge plus for me and my wife. So #2 is my go-to option. 

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6 months ago

Currently #Brass: Birmingham due to the iron clays, #Aeon's End: Legacy is actually pretty heavy too, there is a TON of cards lol. 

Owner6 months ago

The iron clays fit inside the box?? Still hoping to try #Aeon's End soon!

6 months ago

They do! The deluxe edition has space, but the standard does not. The deluxe has an insert that is like 3mm too small and the player boards do not I tossed it and everything fits well now!

6 months ago

Just realized there was more to the questions lol. 

1. Both of these games definitely deliver on the content!

2. I think Gaia Project woud be the most dense, there is a lot of components and a lot to get through in a fairly thin box. 

3. I would probably pick GP mostly because I had such a positive experience this weekend with it lol. 

Owner6 months ago

Based on what I've heard, they're very different games, but I probably would have gotten #Terra Mystica or #Gaia Project if I hadn't gotten #Clans of Caledonia. Before I found out about CoC, I eyed on those two quite a bit.

6 months ago

Clans is for sure more approachable, but they have some similarities like round scoring and a player mat that allows you to gain resources based on what is off of the mat!

6 months ago

1. #Crokinole is y heaviest. haha But, if we're going boxed games, probably #The Reckoners. It's got lots of metal pieces in it that helps weigh it down. 

2. For depth of play, perhpas #Trajan or #Escape Plan. For compact, probably #Tiny Epic Galaxies, since I have the expansion packed into the base box as well haha

I love good, heavy bits and pieces, but if the gameplay isn't there, what's the point? Gonna go with number 2.

Owner6 months ago

Hahaha I saw a #Crokinole Kickstarter recently but decided not to go for it. Would love to play #The Reckoners with all those good looking dice :)

6 months ago

Yeah, Crokinole is expensive. We wouldn't have ours if it hadn't been a Christmas gift from my parents.

6 months ago

  1. Based on my super scientific hand weighing, it's between either Wingspan or Concordia Venus. I don't know if it's cheating though - both boxes have sleeves in them, and the Wingspan box has expansion cards in it. Either way, those player boards are pretty heavy, and even just the base game has a buttload of cards. Concordia's boards are what make up the majority of its weight, I'm sure.
  2. This is between 7 Wonders Duel and Oh My Goods. OMG has the smaller box (it's tiny), and has a ton of game inside, but 7WD just feels bigger and more epic, especially considering that I now have the expansion inside the main box as well.
  3. I don't think I have a preference! I do love a small box, but there are plenty of games I love that need bigger boxes.

Owner6 months ago

I have all of my board games scattered across the room and on the two different floors so I went around weighing them with my hand at 12am lol

Speaking of Concordia maps, that made me think of another idea for a post!

By the way, do you see #Oh My Goods! getting many plays?

6 months ago

We've played it twice so far and enjoyed it both times. We definitely will be bringing it on any trips the two of us eventually take (sigh) since it's so small, and I'd like to get some more plays of it here at home as well. I think it's at a disadvantage because the theme and the art are boring, so playing something that scores better in that area just seems more fun. Of course once you get into the game, it's a lot of fun.

Maybe I'll try to get it to the table tonight!

6 months ago

1) I would say Catacombs (I don't seem to be able to link to games anymore) is probably the heaviest in my collection now. It is a whole box of wood. I have only played it once so far at 2P, so hard to say how much 'game' is in the box. However, seeing as we didn't even touch half the creatures, a third of the heroes and only one of for dungeon lords, I figure there will be plenty more game to explore and the game we did play was a blast! Especially as it is more a skill based game than a strategy game, I foresee it having a tonne of replayability.

2) Densist box is for sure Burgle Bros. It packs a not insubstantial game, with plenty of replayability into what is a beautifully designed and very compact box. Can be a little bit of a jigsaw to pack it away, but very satisfying to do so and is very easy to transport.

3) Hard to make a call this early, will need to play more Catacombs, but I think it may well win out in the end.

Supporter6 months ago

Love the picture for this thread Phil. Haha! Yay Gloomhaven for your answer too. I can definitely see #Tapestry being a bloated game box. 

Supporter6 months ago

1.#Gloomhaven of course. And oh boy it definitely delivers. I know it's size scares people who haven't played it yet but really what that weight represents is variety and possibilities. You play one scenario at a time. I would say most scenarios take 1-1.5 hours, set up to take down.  All those things in the box helps to make each scenario unique and challenging. It helps to make each character interesting and develops a sense of exploration and wonder. Truly an amazing game and an amazing experience. 

2. For this one I would probably say#Paladins of the West Kingdom. That box has zero extra space and is sort of small but it is quite hefty. Still offers amazing gameplay with lots of difficult decisions and great theme. 

3. I love both of these games but if I had to choose one I think #Gloomhaven gets the nod. 

Owner6 months ago

I'm going to try to get to #Paladins of the West Kingdom this week... hopefully it happens! Is the rulebook easy to follow? (that was the case for #Architects of the West Kingdom at least, but that's a lighter game)