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Sell me on Everdell!

I haven't played #Everdell yet. I'm sure I would enjoy it, but I'm not sure if it fills a slot that's not already covered by other worker placement games. The theme is attractive to me as 

Tell me why you love Everdell, or why you don't.  What makes it unique? What makes it stand out? 

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57 days ago

So these two videos popped up on my YouTube feed today:

Why Everdell is better than Wingspan

6 reasons that prove Wingspan is better than Everdell

What do you think of their reasoning?

57 days ago

It's a fun game that every play will be different due to the amount of cards and the order they come out. I agree a higher player count is preferable, but 2 players is fine. 

My only issue with #Everdell is that it is on the higher spectrum of cost. Depending on how big your collection is, there are good/better games for the same cost. But if you already have a decent collection, I highly recommend Everdell. It's also excellent game to help you lure more people into boardgames. 

58 days ago

Mixed feelings. After a solo play and a two player play, I wanted to sell it, but I played it with 4 a few times and my wife won't let me sell it now. The art is fantastic, the table presence is great and the card interactions are fun. 

My main issue with the game was that with 2 players, you hardly see any cards. With 4 players, you blow through the deck and I found that MUCH more enjoyable, but it does take longer. I've seen some pretty neat combinations of cards used, so there is a lot of potential there. It is definitely a game where you plan out what to do as you see the cards come to your hand and the Meadow. The meadow mechanic where there is a shared group of cards is something I quite enjoy. The complaint about "preparing for the season" does feel odd, until someone explained it to me as how different animals prepare differently and at different times for the different seasons, then I was fine with it.

I'd probably rather play #Roll For The Galaxy if it's me picking a tableau/engine builder, but I think the art really does set #Everdell apart enough. If the theme isn't interesting to you, I'd probably pass though because there are games with similar feel that have different themes. 

Premium User58 days ago

If this isn't a question for  if I've ever seen one.

I sadly do not own this game but it's at the top of my wishlist as I think we'd really enjoy it. It takes some of our favorite mechanisms and puts them together in a game that's light enough for my fiancée to want to play. Or at least that's what I tell myself anyway...

And , I will not stand for Wingspan slander on this forum LOL

58 days ago

Lol, gave a lengthy response. Thanks for tagging me

58 days ago

😂 I thought that might send you a bit doolally mate!

Premium User58 days ago

Sorry I was at work and not able to properly respond. I'm going to try my best here based on my small knowledge of British apologies in advance lolol

Now you got me right miffed on the definition of doolally. You seem to be acting a bit dodgy if I do say so myself. But it's all tickety-boo

58 days ago

Hahaha top marks

Premium User58 days ago


58 days ago

Sorry, can't sell you on this game. Would not recommend, even if you love the cute animal art, which is a major draw for a lot of people. 
- The game is far too random with card appearance.
- The symbology can be confusing, A lot of card interactions are not easy to understand (and I play Magic the gathering)

- The tree is a gimmick, and gets in the way.
- the changing season idea is ridiculous as it occurs at different times for each player.

- pieces roll around the table.

The game is all bling and no blam.

There are a lot better card tableau games out there. Like beyond the sun for example. That one has no art, but it doesn't matter because the gameplay is far superior and more enjoyable. 

58 days ago

allow me to dissent with the dissenter (all due respect, , I just disagree).

  • I see the too random criticism from time to time, and I don't think it's a problem. In my opinion, if you're building your strategy around getting specific cards, you're playing this game wrong. There is a large variety of cards, and only a few copies of each (some more than others). You're not guaranteed to see any specific card, or get it before one of your opponents if it does comes up. The game is not about building a long-term strategy; it's about doing what you can with what is available. Pivot.
  • I didn't actually think there was that much symology in the game - it's mostly text. The text on the cards is kind of small, so that's an issue, but I've never had any issues with the symbology.
  • The tree is a gimmick, and I love it. Not arguing that it's a gimmick lol. At 2 players, it's a complete non-issue. Sit next to each other or across a corner. At 3+, we were still able to use it just fine, we just sit to the sides of the board rather than all in front of it like we would if we had 2 players. If you have a square table rather than rectangular, then it could be an issue. In that case, just don't use it.
  • I think the seasons thing trips people up more than it should. The in-game term for it is "Prepare for season." So thematically, you can think of it as preparing for the next season before the next player prepares for that season. It doesn't necessarily have to be the case that you're actually in that season, just preparing for it. In any case, it's just the thematic term for a "round" or "era" or something like that, where you don't all have to be at the same point in the game as each other.
  • Can't speak to pieces rolling as we always just put them in little dishes. Works for us and makes cleanup easier.
  • I personally think there is plenty of "blam" as you put it. The engine building is satisfying, and the card combos and interactions you can build are pretty dang cool, if you ask me. The art and theme are adorable, which I think is indisputable. This is my favorite game to play with my wife.

58 days ago

Nice to see a dissenting opinion. I had a sneaky feeling that it might be beautiful presentation papering over a sub-standard game. Reminds me of another game I know, involving wings... maybe a few spans...

58 days ago

IMO it is beautfiul presentation of an above-standard game and I was equally impressed by #Paladins of the West Kingdom | i would rate them +- the same while they both have their own strengths and weaknesses.

The tree: true; purely table presence

The seasons; no real issue there for me; I don't take it literally as "this seasons stops and the next starts". I see it as; "starting to prepare for..." when everybody is done, that seasons starts.

Creating hard lines for seasons could have brought an extra mechanic perhaps.

"The pieces around the table " are ok; you don't gather a lot of resources per player actually. 

Many cards appear more than once and letting a card pass for the next round or not is a risk you take. every game needs a bit of random. Paladins has less random as the different paladin each round is a smaller "gearbox" for your engine than the cards in Evederdell but the effect your actions have on other players have more impact than in Paladins.

The symbols on cards; there are four. 

Grey and green are immediate
green activates on 2 seasons as well
Brown is often an extra location
Purple matters in the end.

I was not really intimidated by that and I only played it once.

I miss on experience if there is no art on cards so yeah it's kinda personal as well, perfectly cool!


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