BGA Feature #71 Related Products Section


We've just created a partnership with a great store called Meeple Source who create a lot of really nice upgrade components for games and so we're now showing the upgrades and related products to each of the games they support! You can see the new section below the forum portion of a game's page. Here's a couple examples.

We'll be adding more in the future but wanted to see what you think!

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17 months ago

Had a look, nice to have them easy to find, solid feature :)

Premium User17 months ago

I dig it

Moderator Level 117 months ago

I think I like it. I find it to not be intrusive, but still there to see and notice.

17 months ago

I agree. It's a nice feature but not intrusive/ in your face when browsing games but also easy to find if you're looking for it. 

Premium User17 months ago

Now that is cool!

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