Do you ever make lists for other people?

I am probably one of, if not the, biggest board game nerd out of my friends, and as such I probably come across a lot more games either via the internet (from you lovely people) or through games I come across at my board game club or from other groups of friends. As such I often find games that while I don't like them enough to buy for myself I do think they would appeal to one friend or another. As such I have both mental and physical lists of various games to either recommend to my friends to check out or stash away as a gift idea for their next birthday. I probably actually keep better track of these lists than I do my own 'wishlist'. I regularly do a bunch of research (especially if isn't a game I have played) on these games to make sure it will be a good fit if I am considering it as a gift and again this can often be more work than I would take before picking up a game for myself as it is much easier to predict how you would react to a game than a friend.

I also keep a list of games that I might buy 'for the family' come Christmas time as we often play a couple over those few days we have together which tend to be more co-operative and less heavy in nature than many of the games I would consider.

Do you keep lists for your friends/family and if so what form fo they take?

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